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@hdost hdost Update broken rack link 2dbb508
@kares kares update weblogic.xml doc link b1ba875
@kares kares fill in an alternative descriptor (not just) for WL 12 00d7a1e
@kares kares config/warbler.rb sample 30f60d6
@kares kares Created ENV Isolation (markdown) 95aea63
@kares kares finish up 3ad320f
@kares kares Created Servlet Integration (markdown) 41499a7
@kares kares more migration/documentation 3341be1
@kares kares review release process 7782f56
@kares kares move over bits from the (outdated) JRuby wiki page b22d983
@kares kares link to Deploying-with-WebLogic 24fbb6c
@kares kares Created Deploying with WebLogic (markdown) e86f2da
@kares kares a few links to jruby's wiki de81b44
@kares kares setup home 1074929
@kares kares Created Rails Step by Step (markdown) cbeda21
@kares kares extracted from README 3278014
jruby Initial Commit bc47023
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