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e745f3a @enebo Licensing fixes
enebo authored
1 JRuby is released under a tri CPL/GPL/LGPL license. You can use it,
2 redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the:
dfa024c @vvs minor wording update
vvs authored
4 CPL - see COPYING.CPL file
5 GPL - see COPYING.GPL file
e745f3a @enebo Licensing fixes
enebo authored
6 LGPL - see COPYING.LGPL file
6f59686 @ghostganz Improved error handling in javasupport; COPYING update.
ghostganz authored
8 Some additional libraries distributed with JRuby are not covered by
9 JRuby's licence. See the licence files for the respective libraries in
8953d20 @enebo change lingo a little
enebo authored
10 the 'lib' directory for more information and also LICENSE.RUBY for most
11 files found in src/lib/ruby/1.8.
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