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== Writing Tests
1. There are actually *4* core test suites:
a) org.jruby.test.MainTestSuite, a suite of pure-java tests;
b) org.jruby.test.ScriptTestSuite, which runs a suite of files named
one-per-line in test/test_index (these are the so-called "minirunit" tests
which use an antiquated testing framework);
c) org.jruby.test.TestUnitTestSuite, which runs a suite of files named
one-per-line in test/jruby_index (and other test/*_index files).
Note: some are commented out.
d) 'Rubyspecs', fetched directly from Rubyspec project. The specs
are written in rspec format and aim to test conformance of JRuby
against the Ruby specification.
2. If you'd like to contribute new tests, we'd prefer you write them via the
rubyspecs project. If the tests are very specific to JRuby (like Java
Integration) we prefer writing rspecs under our specs directory.
3. We're also interested in running tests for other ruby software suites; if
you want to grab your favorite ruby software and run its own tests under JRuby
and report to the mailing list at, that would be great.
4. Please file any and all patches in JIRA:
== Running Tests
Using ant, type
ant test
The three test suites should be run in order.
To run rubyspecs, type
ant spec
A slightly shorter run we run frequently is:
ant spec-short
The rubyspecs will be fetched over the net, and then executed.
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