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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project basedir=".." name="JRuby_trunk">
<property file="nbproject/"/>
<property location="${netbeans.user}/" name=""/>
<property file="${}"/>
<import file="jdk.xml"/>
<target depends="-jdk-init" name="jar">
<ant inheritall="false" target="jar"/>
<target depends="-jdk-init" name="clean">
<ant inheritall="false" target="clean"/>
<target depends="-jdk-init" name="create-apidocs">
<ant inheritall="false" target="create-apidocs"/>
<target depends="-jdk-init" name="test">
<ant inheritall="false" target="test"/>
<target depends="-jdk-init,-jdk-presetdef-nbjpdastart" name="debug-nb">
<ant inheritall="false" target="debug-nb"/>
<target depends="-jdk-init" name="run">
<ant inheritall="false" target="run"/>
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