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[Truffle] Remove old comment and rename for newer semantics.
* We do not have boxing of Ruby primitives anymore.
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eregon committed Dec 1, 2014
1 parent 8a7b270 commit 35814ffbc759a87739080efa7185f8ab1ef74740
@@ -127,8 +127,7 @@ public ReferenceEqualNode(ReferenceEqualNode prev) {

// The @CreateCast is not applied when using this, so the caller needs to unbox itself.
protected abstract boolean executeEqualWithUnboxed(VirtualFrame frame, Object a, Object b);
protected abstract boolean executeReferenceEqual(VirtualFrame frame, Object a, Object b);

@Specialization public boolean equal(boolean a, boolean b) { return a == b; }
@Specialization public boolean equal(int a, int b) { return a == b; }
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ protected boolean areSame(VirtualFrame frame, Object left, Object right) {
referenceEqualNode = insert(BasicObjectNodesFactory.ReferenceEqualNodeFactory.create(getContext(), getSourceSection(), new RubyNode[]{null, null}));
return referenceEqualNode.executeEqualWithUnboxed(frame, left, right);
return referenceEqualNode.executeReferenceEqual(frame, left, right);

protected boolean areEqual(VirtualFrame frame, Object left, Object right) {

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