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[Truffle] Fix spec failure.
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* Fiber also receive ThreadExitException with the current scheme.
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eregon committed Apr 21, 2015
1 parent 6d7368c commit 76990cd
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Expand Up @@ -10,14 +10,15 @@
package org.jruby.truffle.runtime.core;



import org.jruby.truffle.nodes.RubyNode;
import org.jruby.truffle.nodes.objects.Allocator;
import org.jruby.truffle.runtime.RubyContext;
import org.jruby.truffle.runtime.control.BreakException;
import org.jruby.truffle.runtime.control.RaiseException;
import org.jruby.truffle.runtime.control.ReturnException;
import org.jruby.truffle.runtime.control.ThreadExitException;
import org.jruby.truffle.runtime.subsystems.FiberManager;
import org.jruby.truffle.runtime.subsystems.ThreadManager;
import org.jruby.truffle.runtime.subsystems.ThreadManager.BlockingActionWithoutGlobalLock;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -123,7 +124,7 @@ public void run() {
final Object[] args = finalFiber.waitForResume();
final Object result = finalBlock.rootCall(args);
finalFiber.resume(finalFiber.lastResumedByFiber, true, result);
} catch (FiberExitException e) {
} catch (FiberExitException | ThreadExitException e) { // TODO (eregon, 21 Apr. 2015): The thread should cleanly kill its fibers when dying.
// Naturally exit the thread on catching this
} catch (ReturnException e) {
sendMessageTo(finalFiber.lastResumedByFiber, new FiberExceptionMessage(finalFiber.getContext().getCoreLibrary().unexpectedReturn(null)));
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Expand Up @@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
public class FiberManager {

private final RubyFiber rootFiber;
// FIXME (eregon): per ruby thread
private RubyFiber currentFiber;

private final Set<RubyFiber> runningFibers = Collections.newSetFromMap(new ConcurrentHashMap<RubyFiber, Boolean>());
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