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JRUBY-218: gem_server.bat passes itself to JRuby (Ryan Bell)

git-svn-id: 961051c9-f516-0410-bf72-c9f7e237a7b7
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1 parent 8cf961b commit 874d5f32de4222ff817178a897f5e237a17d4ef7 @enebo enebo committed Oct 22, 2006
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  1. +1 −1 jruby/bin/gem_server.bat
2 jruby/bin/gem_server.bat
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ rem echo Using Args: %*
rem ----- Execute The Requested Command ---------------------------------------
-%_STARTJAVA% -Xmx256m -ea -cp "%CLASSPATH%" -Djruby.base="%JRUBY_BASE%" -Djruby.home="%JRUBY_HOME%" -Djruby.lib="%JRUBY_HOME%\lib""cmd.exe" -Djruby.script=jruby.bat org.jruby.Main %JRUBY_OPTS% "%JRUBY_HOME%\bin\gem_server.bat" %*
+%_STARTJAVA% -Xmx256m -ea -cp "%CLASSPATH%" -Djruby.base="%JRUBY_BASE%" -Djruby.home="%JRUBY_HOME%" -Djruby.lib="%JRUBY_HOME%\lib""cmd.exe" -Djruby.script=jruby.bat org.jruby.Main %JRUBY_OPTS% "%JRUBY_HOME%\bin\gem_server" %*
rem ----- Restore Environment Variables ---------------------------------------

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