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Adding a basic Rakefile, just invokes ant right now, but a prelude to…

… better things.

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commit bd9ecdfce7f54d6bcd3969dbb0262b853111d9fa 1 parent e7908ff
@headius headius authored
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27 Rakefile
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+task :default => [:build]
+def ant(*args)
+ system "ant #{args.join(' ')}"
+desc "Build JRuby"
+task :build do
+ ant "jar"
+desc "Run the basic set of tests"
+task :test do
+ ant "test"
+namespace :test do
+ desc "Run the complete set of tests (will take a while)"
+ task :all do
+ ant "test-all"
+ end
+desc "Clean all built output"
+task :clean do
+ ant "clean"
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