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def inside ensure would also go crazy. Build all of method def inside…
… new builder instance.
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enebo committed Oct 24, 2014
1 parent b2fafdc commit da8af1c
Showing 1 changed file with 13 additions and 8 deletions.
21 changes: 13 additions & 8 deletions core/src/main/java/org/jruby/ir/
Expand Up @@ -1648,17 +1648,18 @@ public Operand buildDAsgn(final DAsgnNode dasgnNode, IRScope s) {
// because of the use of copyAndReturnValue method for literal objects.

private IRMethod defineNewMethod(MethodDefNode defNode, IRScope s, boolean isInstanceMethod) {
IRMethod method = new IRMethod(manager, s, defNode.getName(), isInstanceMethod, defNode.getPosition().getLine(), defNode.getScope());
// Called by defineMethod but called on a new builder so things like ensure block info recording
// do not get confused.
private IRMethod defineMethodInner(MethodDefNode defNode, IRMethod method, IRScope parent) {
if (RubyInstanceConfig.FULL_TRACE_ENABLED) {
addInstr(method, new TraceInstr(RubyEvent.CALL, defNode.getName(), s.getFileName(), defNode.getPosition().getStartLine()));
addInstr(method, new TraceInstr(RubyEvent.CALL, method.getName(), method.getFileName(), method.getLineNumber()));

addInstr(method, new ReceiveSelfInstr(method.getSelf()));

// Set %current_scope = <current-scope>
// Set %current_module = isInstanceMethod ? %self.metaclass : %self
int nearestScopeDepth = s.getNearestModuleReferencingScopeDepth();
int nearestScopeDepth = parent.getNearestModuleReferencingScopeDepth();

// Build IR for arguments (including the block arg)
receiveMethodArgs(defNode.getArgsNode(), method);
Expand All @@ -1673,19 +1674,23 @@ private IRMethod defineNewMethod(MethodDefNode defNode, IRScope s, boolean isIns
Operand rv = newIRBuilder(manager).build(defNode.getBodyNode(), method);

if (RubyInstanceConfig.FULL_TRACE_ENABLED) {
addInstr(method, new TraceInstr(RubyEvent.RETURN, defNode.getName(), s.getFileName(), -1));
addInstr(method, new TraceInstr(RubyEvent.RETURN, method.getName(), method.getFileName(), -1));

if (rv != null) addInstr(method, new ReturnInstr(rv));

// If the method can receive non-local returns
if (method.canReceiveNonlocalReturns()) {
if (method.canReceiveNonlocalReturns()) handleNonlocalReturnInMethod(method);

return method;

private IRMethod defineNewMethod(MethodDefNode defNode, IRScope parent, boolean isInstanceMethod) {
IRMethod method = new IRMethod(manager, parent, defNode.getName(), isInstanceMethod, defNode.getPosition().getLine(), defNode.getScope());

return newIRBuilder(manager).defineMethodInner(defNode, method, parent);

public Operand buildDefn(MethodDefNode node, IRScope s) { // Instance method
IRMethod method = defineNewMethod(node, s, true);
addInstr(s, new DefineInstanceMethodInstr(method));
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