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Align our strConvEncOpts with MRI's.
When there's an error from encoding, MRI's version of this
function just returns the incoming bytes as its result. Ours used
a path that always raises an error when transcoding fails. The new
version uses a path more in line with MRI that requires an out
buffer and returns a result, so we can handle it appropriately.

Fixes #2419.
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headius committed Jan 4, 2015
1 parent c74647f commit ff54579a785c82ebde91f724881652f16fb08b41
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@@ -235,7 +235,21 @@ public RubyCoderResult transcode(ThreadContext context, ByteList value, ByteList

return transcode(context, value, dest, fromEncoding, false, true);

public RubyCoderResult econvConvert(ThreadContext context, ByteList inBuffer, ByteList outBuffer) {
Encoding fromEncoding = this.inEncoding != null ? this.inEncoding : inBuffer.getEncoding();

primitiveConvert(context, inBuffer.shallowDup(), outBuffer, 0, -1, fromEncoding, false, actions.ecflags);

if (lastResult != null) {
} else {

return lastResult;

public ByteList transcode(ThreadContext context, ByteList value) {
ByteList dest = new ByteList();

@@ -149,12 +149,17 @@ public static ByteList strConvEncOpts(ThreadContext context, ByteList value, Enc

Transcoder ec = EncodingUtils.econvOpenOpts(context, fromEncoding.getName(), toEncoding.getName(), ecflags, ecopts);
if (ec == null) return value;

ByteList ret = ec.convert(context, value, false);


return ret;

ByteList newStr = new ByteList();
RubyCoderResult ret = ec.econvConvert(context, value, newStr);

if (ret == null || ret.stringResult.equals("finished")) {
return newStr;
} else {
// error result, failover to original
return value;

// rb_str_conv_enc
@@ -187,6 +192,8 @@ public static ByteList transcode(ThreadContext context, ByteList value, Encoding

// rb_econv_convert
public abstract RubyCoderResult transcode(ThreadContext context, ByteList value, ByteList dest);

public abstract RubyCoderResult econvConvert(ThreadContext context, ByteList value, ByteList dest);

public abstract ByteList transcode(ThreadContext context, ByteList value);

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