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Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. @pitr-ch
  2. @pitr-ch
  3. @pitr-ch
  4. @pitr-ch
  5. @pitr-ch

    [Truffle] fix Exception#backtrace formatting to match caller

    pitr-ch authored
    so rspec can correctly report errors
  6. @enebo
  7. @enebo
  8. @enebo
  9. @eregon

    [Truffle] Fix the usage of ArrayBuilderNode in Array#initialize.

    eregon authored
    * The size is known beforehand.
  10. @eregon

    [Truffle] Do not put JRuby+Truffle classes on the bootclasspath.

    eregon authored
    * Otherwise just -ea does not work anymore (but -esa or -ea:org.jruby.truffle... would)
  11. @kares

    Merge pull request #3196 from r6p/r6p-patch-jruby-issue-3118

    kares authored
    Fixing ClassCastException reported in issue #3118
Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. @r6p

    Updating spec to test large values

    r6p authored
    Test issue reported in #3118
  2. @r6p

    Fixing ClassCastException in #max method

    r6p authored
    Addresses #3118
  3. @kares

    do not access the jrubyClassLoader field directly - use the getter

    kares authored
    ... as it might not have been initialized (code gets more predictable)
  4. @kares
  5. @kares
  6. @kares
  7. @kares
  8. @kares

    Merge branch 'jruby-1_7'

    kares authored
    * jruby-1_7:
      close JRuby's class-loader resources on Java 7+ (but only in embed uses)
      make fields final
      revert "close (URLClassLoader's) resources on JRubyClassLoader#tearDown"
  9. @kares

    close JRuby's class-loader resources on Java 7+ (but only in embed uses)

    kares authored
    ... for other uses users can now manually trigger a releaseJRubyClassLoader
  10. @kares

    make fields final

    kares authored
  11. @kares
Commits on Jul 28, 2015
  1. @enebo
  2. @nirvdrum
  3. @nirvdrum

    [Truffle] Fixed visibility check for methods looked up by `respond_to?`.

    nirvdrum authored
    When looking up a method with `respond_to?`, the caller is `respond_to?` itself, which will be able to see all methods on the receiver.  What we really want to check is the caller of `respond_to?` so we need to look up at the caller frame.
  4. @nirvdrum
  5. @nirvdrum
  6. @nirvdrum
  7. @subbuss

    Fixes to AddLocalVarLoadStoreInstructions pass

    subbuss authored
    The following fixes were made:
    1. Same kind of fix as in d59eeec but applied to this pass.
       The actual addition of binding stores shouldn't do additional
       analysis not already present in the dataflow analysis. It should
       simply use information from that analysis and add stores, where
    2. A specific outcome of 1. above is: the addition should not look
       at scope type while adding stores on exit. If the analysis says:
       "add a store", add a store. No need to do it for closures only.
    3. There was a subtle bug in the code. For exit BBs, we were
       intersecting lvars that were dirtied with lvars that were live
       at that point. However, we were looking for 'varsLiveOnExit'
       which was erroneous. LVA is a backwards propagation problem
       and we should be looking at 'varsLiveOnEntry' (since the exit
       of the scope corresponds to the dataflow entry for LVA).
    Between these fixes and the fix in 8c48c3bc, #3173 should be solved.
  8. @subbuss

    Move liveness tests out of DCE transform into LVA computation

    subbuss authored
    DCE used to do additional tests to decide if an instruction can be
    deleted based on the scope's state. This is a no-no. DCE should
    not do any additional tests about deletability based on scope
    state (which was in reality liveness tests) -- it should simply use
    whatever info is produced by LVA. Those tests should have been
    part of LVA instead.
    This really didn't affect correctness of DCE, but it would be
    providing incorrect information about vars still live when the
    scope was exited. Specifically, AddLocalVarLoadStoreInstructions pass
    uses that LVA information to determine whether to add lvar stores
    on exit. Without accurate LVA information, this can inadvertently
    prevent lvar updates from being seen outside the scope.
    This is part 1 of the fix for #3173.
  9. @subbuss
  10. @eregon
  11. @eregon
  12. @nirvdrum
  13. @eregon

    Merge pull request #3192 from bbelleville/load-feature

    eregon authored
    [Truffle] Add to loadedFeatures before loading
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