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Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. Thomas E Enebo

    Merge pull request #2637 from gsamokovarov/private-attrs

    enebo authored
    Produce a warning on private attribute accessors
  2. Thomas E Enebo

    Merge pull request #2636 from lumeet/numeric_coercion_type_error

    enebo authored
    Fix Bignum's bitwise operations
  3. Kevin Menard
  4. Benoit Daloze
  5. Kevin Menard

    [Truffle] Renamed a variable to be less confusing.

    nirvdrum authored
    Usually we use the name 'block' for a RubyProc, not an arbitrary unit of code.
  6. Kevin Menard
  7. Kevin Menard
  8. Chris Seaton
  9. Kevin Menard
  10. Chris Seaton

    Merge pull request #2641 from bjfish/truffle_symbol_succ

    chrisseaton authored
    [Truffle] Implemented Symbol#succ.
  11. Brandon Fish
  12. Kevin Menard
  13. Kevin Menard
  14. Kevin Menard
  15. Kevin Menard
  16. Kevin Menard
Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. Kevin Menard
  2. Charles Oliver Nutter
  3. Chris Seaton

    Merge pull request #2640 from bjfish/truffle_regex

    chrisseaton authored
    [Truffle] Regex #casefold? #=== for Symbol
  4. Brandon Fish
  5. Brandon Fish
  6. Charles Oliver Nutter
  7. Charles Oliver Nutter
  8. Charles Oliver Nutter
  9. Charles Oliver Nutter
  10. Charles Oliver Nutter

    Add spec for GH-1270.

    headius authored
    Note that there's an unfixable (in 1.7) edge case described and
    disabled in the spec. I will apply the unmodified case to master,
    which handles it ok.
  11. Chris Seaton
  12. Kevin Menard
  13. Kevin Menard
  14. Chris Seaton
  15. Kevin Menard
  16. Chris Seaton
  17. Charles Oliver Nutter
  18. Charles Oliver Nutter

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jruby-1_7'

    headius authored
    This commit puts JavaSupport back the way it was, so we can git mv
    instead and get merging across that move.
  19. Charles Oliver Nutter

    Only consider breaks that originated from this proc's frame.

    headius authored
    The old logic here was turning all breaks that pass through an
    escaped proc into LongJumpError, even if they originated in a
    different frame/proc that could still validly handle the break.
    This commit modifies the logic to ignore the exception altogether
    (re-throwing it) if it is not associated with this proc/frame (by
    checking jumpTarget).
    Fixes #1270
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