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Commits on Nov 29, 2015
  1. @subbuss

    Added one more instruction towards IR-instr based block invocation

    subbuss committed
    * Hooked up with interpreter.
  2. @subbuss
Commits on Nov 28, 2015
  1. @subbuss

    Add Save/RestoreBindingVisibilityInstr required for block execution

    subbuss committed
    * Execution plugged into InterpreterEngine.
    * No IR generated yet.
  2. @subbuss
  3. @subbuss
  4. @subbuss

    Fix build

    subbuss committed
  5. @eregon

    Add tags for new failing specs.

    eregon committed
  6. @pitr-ch
  7. @pitr-ch
  8. @pitr-ch
  9. @pitr-ch

    [Truffle] code style

    pitr-ch committed
  10. @eregon

    [Truffle] Fix rand spec filename.

    eregon committed
  11. @eregon
  12. @eregon

    [Truffle] Remember the Proc for a define_method, as it may access the…

    eregon committed
    … block declaration frame.
  13. @eregon

    [Truffle] Tag new failing specs.

    eregon committed
  14. @eregon
  15. @eregon

    [Truffle] Fix style.

    eregon committed
  16. @eregon
  17. @eregon

    Squashed 'spec/ruby/' changes from 92311a8..cfdf72f

    eregon committed
    cfdf72f add a spec that an object captured by a block, itself captured by #define_method is reachable
    9f24088 Add spec for round-tripping Time through to_r.
    882c628 incorrect string % spec - introduced at adcec1d (one too many 0s)
    41aebc0 Spec for %f with precision as a fraction.
    134753b Add more examples and assertions about $!
    b7fc313 Fix style in rescue spec
    9db1753 Expand abbreviation
    1644bc7 Add a few more examples for Float#round
    e78454c Module.remove_const returns nil when removing autoload constant
    17214e1 Specify that Module#module_eval yields the module as the first block argument
    4a44211 Organize String#unicode_normalize specs
    a4024ae Wrap lines to < 80 chars
    9ecee7a Add a note about where I took the unicode examples
    521008e Add specs for unicode_normalized?
    89d11be Add specs for exceptions
    bb6be50 Add spec for unicode_normalize!
    662fd46 Add specs for unicode_normalize
    f45bed6 add spec for Process.spawn redirecting STDERR to child STDOUT
    ffe74c3 Module#prepend is private in 2.0.0
    0f69dd1 Add a spec for the latest change in Module#prepend_features
    cc0da42 Fix file organization for String#unicode_normalize{,!,d?}
    6927f8d Add a spec to specifically test for ObjectSpace iterating singleton classes
    9f84a7f Singleton classes are walked on Ruby >= 2.3
    739ddbe Revert "singleton class is yielded"
    b8cb80b Merge pull request #163 from nobu/bug/ObjectSpace#each_object-singleton_class
    73496fa singleton class is yielded
    f724d7d Add spec for each_object(cls.singleton_class).
    60664b0 include ruby.h prior to C standard headers
    d439436 Merge pull request #160 from JuanitoFatas/ruby-23/core/hash-comparison
    7f3b584 [Core/hash] Add specs for Hash #<=, #>=, #<, #> for Ruby 2.3
    1a1fcb6 Literal strings as literal hash keys must preserve encoding.
    ea1335c Add examples to specify #dig calls
    c0a4a73 Merge pull request #161 from kares/master
    788bb96 add a nested missing Hash key retrieval assert
    fd7383a clarify Array#at method is meant in spec desc
    d9f2120 Remove extra dot
    94d39de Fix typos in Hash#to_proc spec
    a1a040a Get rid of sleep in require specs and just synchronize instead
    f94fff6 Remove usage of sleep in Process.wait spec
    907c462 Remove usage of sleep in IO#select spec
    bfc40c3 NetFTPSpecs::DummyFTP should not use hardcoded port number.
    5607f17 Remove trailing whitespace from description
    f039c77 Add "Enumerator" to "#enum_for" and "#to_enum" descriptions
    643a506 tag dig specs with ruby_version_is 2.3
    5473e04 spec nested type-mixed dig behaviour (including raw def-d obj.dig) on Ruby 2.3
    ce93264 [core/hash] Hash#dig feature specs for Ruby 2.3
    8600c67 [core/array] invented some Array#dig specs for Ruby 2.3
    5f89c6d Add String# to the unicode_normalized? description
    175c53e Merge pull request #159 from kachick/hash-to_proc
    e97d589 Write Hash#to_proc specs
    9686345 Merge pull request #158 from shugo/master
    03a6d80 Check whether Net::FTP.default_passive is defined.
    9b8931a Set Net::FTP.default_passive to false.
    971924f Like FreeBSD, such simple spec can't pass on Solaris.
    1f9b065 Socket option shoud be set as CRuby's test does.
    cfbd946 Ruby 2.3 changes the default of Net::HTTP#open_timeout at r52480
    1dab981 Fix typo in Marshal#load specdoc
    73c4c70 Do not rely on stdlib in core Marshal specs
    5b6334e Remove old duplicated fixture file
    e7a5299 Merge Marshal fixtures for 1.9 with common fixtures
    dc53709 Some plaftorms do not have Dir#fileno
    3fcbce7 Remove rare case because rubyspec is not tzdata-spec
    bdd83f3 Use File.realpath in case /dev/null is symlink like i386-solaris
    e5ee977 Revert "/dev/null is symbolic link on i386-solaris"
    11f13e4 Add more specs for a Method generated with respond_to_missing?
    999d719 Remove dead code
    bc7db44 Do not rely on any order for directory entries.
    14b420f don't test features solaris doesn't support
    89c50a2 /dev/null is symbolic link on i386-solaris
    46d97ad don't run timezone rare case on Solaris
    63b52ac Solaris doesn't have http definition in services by default
    9940991 Solaris's syslog related constants are also different
    3816a19 pow(3) behavior depends on compile-time options on Solaris.
    git-subtree-dir: spec/ruby
    git-subtree-split: cfdf72f32b206cf170e9de479e2cff1d79c8865e
  18. @subbuss

    Plug in Push/Pop Frame/Binding instructions into the interpreter

    subbuss committed
    * Some other minor cleanup in InterpretedIRBlockBody.
    * A few more instructions are still required -- coming in future
    * Instructions aren't yet generated -- coming in future patches.
Commits on Nov 27, 2015
  1. @subbuss

    Fix buggy updates from previous commit.

    subbuss committed
    * Separately fixed a debugging stmt in StartupInterpreterEngine
      that could NPE in some scenarios.
  2. @subbuss

    Add Block variants of push/pop frame/binding instructions

    subbuss committed
    * These haven't been hooked up with the interpreter, JIT, or
      IR generation passes yet.
    * These instructions will very likely be added as part of the
      AddCallProtocolInstructions pass.
    * More specialized instructions are needed for getting the
      call protocol code to work for blocks.
  3. @subbuss
  4. @subbuss

    Rename some IRVisitor methods

    subbuss committed
  5. @pitr-ch
  6. @pitr-ch
Commits on Nov 26, 2015
  1. @pitr-ch
  2. @pitr-ch
  3. @pitr-ch
  4. @subbuss

    PushBindingInstr -> PushMethodBindingInstr

    subbuss committed
    * We also need a PushBlockBindingInstr
  5. @subbuss

    Push/PopFrameInstr --> Push/PopMethodFrameInstr

    subbuss committed
    * We also need Push/PopBlockFrameInstr
Commits on Nov 25, 2015
  1. @subbuss

    Change interpret sigs to distinguish between executing block and bloc…

    subbuss committed
    * Added executing block as second arg to interpret methods
    * Removed blockType arg since it can be recoverd as block.type
  2. @subbuss
  3. @subbuss
  4. @subbuss
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