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Commits on Apr 14, 2010
  1. @enebo
  2. @enebo
  3. @enebo
Commits on Apr 13, 2010
  1. @headius

    Two ugly hacks to get popen working more reliably:

    headius authored
    * Loop for up to a second repeatedly trying to "destroy" the child process, to get around a single, early destroy not doing its job and causing waitFor to hang
    * Pause for 0.1s during popen on Java 5 since it appears to be even less "ready" than Java 6.
  2. @enebo

    Add x64 installer for windows

    enebo authored
  3. @enebo

    Bump to 1.5.0.RC1 on branch

    enebo authored
  4. @nicksieger

    * src/org/jruby/ JRUBY-3923: Merge Ribrdb pat…

    nicksieger authored
    …ch for running file: URLs from complete jar
  5. @nicksieger
  6. @enebo

    bump version of bytelist

    enebo authored
  7. @nicksieger
  8. @enebo

    Bump bytelist

    enebo authored
  9. @enebo

    Remove legacy jna.jar

    enebo authored
  10. @enebo
  11. @nicksieger

    JRuby launcher 1.0.1 gem

    nicksieger authored
  12. @vvs

    Update Windows JRuby Launcher to version 1.0.1

    vvs authored
    This fixes the following issues on Windows:
    * JRUBY-4703: -J-ea in native launcher is not enabling assertions
    * JRUBY-4709: Add trailing sep to classpath to make sure PWD is included (like
    * JRUBY-4706: -Xnobootclasspath option should disable putting jruby.jar into bootclasspath
    * Disable bootclasspath in --profile and --profile-all modes.
    * Add -Xversion command
  13. @enebo
Commits on Apr 12, 2010
  1. @headius
  2. @enebo
  3. @enebo
  4. @enebo
  5. @headius
  6. @headius
  7. @headius

    Multiple improvements for jrubyc --java:

    headius authored
    * Reformat code with 4 space indents, like standard Java
    * Eliminate a few extra whitespace lines
    * Make the "standard" Ruby constructor private and use a static __allocate__ method to construct it
    * Add support for a reflective __allocate__ allocator to RubyClass
    * Provide the filename for parsing when embedding the whole script, for backtrace and __FILE__ purposes
  8. @enebo
  9. @BanzaiMan

    Updating copyright year.

    BanzaiMan authored
  10. @BanzaiMan

    Nitpicking grammar.

    BanzaiMan authored
  11. @vvs
  12. @calavera @vvs

    JRUBY-4713: Implements most of the Random methods

    calavera authored vvs committed
    Signed-off-by: Vladimir Sizikov <>
  13. @vvs

    JRUBY-4714: Digest library is mising file() method

    vvs authored
    Expecting some rubyspecs for this soon.
  14. @headius

    Remove unused code.

    headius authored
  15. @headius
  16. @headius
  17. @headius

    Split scoped frame fields (backref, last line) from non-scoped in Ann…

    headius authored
    …otationBinder, so we don't stand up scopes for methods that just make frame-aware calls. Previous logic stood up a scope for any method marked frame = true or which professed to access any frame fields.
Commits on Apr 11, 2010
  1. @headius

    When loading classes for JI, don't force them to initialize right awa…

    headius authored
    …y (needed for compilers, etc, where class will never actually be executed).
Commits on Apr 9, 2010
  1. @enebo
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