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Tag: 1.6.4
Commits on Aug 16, 2011
  1. @qmx @headius

    extract method

    qmx authored headius committed
  2. @qmx @headius

    fixing performance regression

    qmx authored headius committed
    Almost 98% faster
Commits on Aug 15, 2011
  1. @headius

    Turn weak refs into strong refs in Handle::objectToValue(), so any ob…

    Wayne Meissner authored headius committed
    …ject coming from JRuby to native is always strongly reffed, until a GC sweep
  2. @headius

    Disable GC around native blocking calls

    Wayne Meissner authored headius committed
  3. @headius

    Use WeakIdentityHashMap instead of a special-purpose code to do the same

    Wayne Meissner authored headius committed
  4. @headius

    Improve cext ruby object -> native handle GC correctness

    Wayne Meissner authored headius committed
  5. @headius

    Fix JRUBY-5997: Block argument handling is inconsistent in 1.9 mode

    headius authored
    * One-off fix to unbox single array arguments for a multi-arg Proc call.
  6. @headius
  7. @headius

    Fix JRUBY-5998: Enumerator#each on enumerators created with Enumerato…

    headius authored
    … in 1.9 mode is slow{} form always creates a Generator, just like 1.9.2 does. However, it creates the default Generator form that uses a thread to drive the block. For internal iteration, like each {}, there's no need to use a thread to drive the block, since all values are yielded down-thread to the block, rather than being paused and resumed. My modifications fix the default "Threaded" generator to avoid using the thread for internal iteration when created with the simple block form.
    * Use simple internal iteration rather than threaded "nexting" for{}.each{}
    * Fix a bug in Enumerable#chunk caused by bad arity specification, which caused breakage under non-threaded form
  8. @nicksieger
Commits on Aug 13, 2011
  1. @janx @headius

    fix regexp to_s encoding problem

    janx authored headius committed
  2. @nurse @headius

    Add a macro of Ruby 1.9 CAPI, TIMET2NUM.

    nurse authored headius committed
    It converts a value from time_t to Numeric (Fixnum or Bignum).
Commits on Aug 12, 2011
  1. @headius

    Fix JRUBY-5980: Unable to call varargs constructor with 0 arguments.

    headius authored
    * Allow zero args to match a method with only varargs
  2. @enebo @headius

    1.9 spec tagging

    enebo authored headius committed
  3. @headius

    Fix JRUBY-5564: become_java! does not create java class which can be …

    headius authored
    …loaded by the context-classloader
    * Added another optional param to become_java!, true specifies use a child classloader (default), false specifies use the same toplevel JRubyClassLoader.
  4. @enebo

    JRUBY-5771: WeakRef::RefError wrongly defined as ::RefError, causing …

    enebo authored
    …lots of runtime warnings when using weakref
  5. @enebo

    Allow jrake spec:ji to run

    enebo authored
  6. @enebo
  7. @enebo
  8. @enebo
Commits on Aug 11, 2011
  1. @headius

    Improve error message for failed Java method lookup, with signature l…

    headius authored
    …ist when there are overloads.
  2. @lsegal @enebo

    Add support for String#encode(opts) (where opts = Hash)

    lsegal authored enebo committed
  3. @enebo
  4. @lukefx @enebo

    ops, using path1 and path2 and not recalling getAbsolutePath

    lukefx authored enebo committed
  5. @lukefx @enebo

    fix JRUBY-4445

    lukefx authored enebo committed
    FileTest.identical? now check the canonical or absolute path
  6. @tobias @enebo

    Synchronize posix setenv/unsetenv calls, since they may not be reentr…

    tobias authored enebo committed
    …ant [JRUBY-5933]
  7. @ttilley @enebo

    speed up packagemaker run on macos by telling it not to apply

    ttilley authored enebo committed
    "recommended permissions" heuristics. it will also not overwrite
    permissions with those it finds in previously installed versions of the
    package without warning as part of said heuristics. in short, this
    brings the build time down from 16 minutes to 2 simply by declaring our own
  8. @headius

    One-off fix from Psych master for JRUBY-5915: "gem build" results in …

    headius authored
    …bogus gemspec in --1.9 mode
Commits on Aug 10, 2011
  1. @nicksieger
  2. @cwgem @headius

    Add a temporary implementation for Process::Status#coredump? that ret…

    cwgem authored headius committed
    …urns false until a longer term fix low level wrapper can be implemented.
    Signed-off-by: Charles Oliver Nutter <>
Commits on Aug 9, 2011
  1. @headius
  2. @headius
  3. @enebo
  4. @koichiro @enebo

    Implement for new commandline parser in NKF

    koichiro authored enebo committed
    Signed-off-by: Hiro Asari <>
  5. @enebo
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