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Commits on Dec 4, 2012
  1. @headius
  2. @headius
  3. @headius

    Fix JRUBY-6951

    headius authored
    Unable to encrypt data and then decrypt it in MRI Ruby
    It appears that we were not setting up the initial IV properly. In
    MRI, if you specify parameters to #encrypt, it will initialize IV
    using a substring of "OpenSSL for Ruby rulez!". We had two issues:
    1. In some places, we used "OpenSSL for JRuby rulez!"
    2. If the initialization did not happen in #encrypt, we tried
    again to do it on first update.
    My fix was to use a blank IV (all zeros) if none is set up in
    does not appear to break any other tests we run.
  4. @headius
  5. @headius
  6. @donv
Commits on Dec 3, 2012
  1. @enebo


    enebo authored
  2. @headius

    Bump version to

    headius authored
  3. @headius
  4. @headius
  5. @headius
  6. @headius
  7. @headius
  8. @enebo

    Merge pull request #425 from prathamesh-sonpatki/graph-library-tests

    enebo authored
    Fixed implicitly creating a vertex if it is absent while removing a edge or vertex
  9. @headius
  10. @headius
  11. @headius

    Fix defined?(@@cvar) to use cached scope and disably dummy scope.

    headius authored
    With this commit, scopes that have classes, methods, constants,
    and cvars no longer have a requirement that a dummy scope be
    pushed. The scope is loaded from the same cache as other values,
    and as a result those methods have no implicit cost over the same
    code with no scope access.
  12. @headius
  13. @headius

    Final modifications to get scopes loading from cache.

    headius authored
    * For initial Script execution via __file__, must setRootScope
    * Script.load impl will setRootScope
    * All other method forms will receive scope index from parent compiler
  14. @headius

    Cache StaticScope for class bodies outside the body execution.

    headius authored
    This helps decouple class/module creation from StaticScope init,
    allowing us to move closer to getting the current scope from cache
    in all cases.
  15. @headius

    Pass parent StaticScope into creation.

    headius authored
    This allows us to provide the parent scope without having it
    pushed on ThreadContext.
  16. @headius

    Modify scope and block creation to decouple them.

    headius authored
    * Single method decodeScope for decoding all types of scopes
    * New StaticScope::Type enum to indicate type of scope
    * Closure creation receives StaticScope rather than instantiating
  17. @headius
  18. @headius

    Decouple compiler and class/module const assignment from TC.

    headius authored
    * Compiled setConstant calls work against StaticScope
    * Getting the namespace in which to define class/module uses StaticScope
  19. @headius

    Modify compiler to use non-deprecated const lookup methods.

    headius authored
    * Const lookup and defined pass in StaticScope
    * AbstractScript/RuntimeCache receive StaticScope
    * Compiled code uses context.getCurrentStaticScope for now
  20. @headius

    More decoupling of constant lookup from ThreadContext.

    headius authored
    * setConstantInCurrent moved to StaticScope
    * setConstantInModule moved to RuntimeHelpers
    * setConstantInObject moved to RuntimeHelpers
    * getConstantDefined moved to StaticScope#isConstantDefined
    * A few more ThreadContext#getConstant calls eliminated
  21. @headius

    Remove unused/rarely used params to const lookup, use StaticScope.

    headius authored
    In an effort to eliminate the deopt caused by const access from
    Ruby code, I'm working toward making all constant access work
    against StaticScope rather than against ThreadContext and the
    current DynamicScope (which forces us to push dummy scopes where
    we don't really need any). This commit starts pulling out calls to
    ThreadContext.getConstant, which requires a DynamicScope to be
    present, and also removes some unused or rarely-used arguments
    from the const lookup call chain to simplify the transition.
  22. @prathamesh-sonpatki
  23. @enebo
  24. @enebo

    Bump for 1.7.1

    enebo authored
Commits on Dec 2, 2012
  1. @BanzaiMan

    Untag passing specs.

    BanzaiMan authored
  2. @BanzaiMan
Commits on Dec 1, 2012
  1. @BanzaiMan

    Revert "Rely on EncodingService to get default external encoding."

    BanzaiMan authored
    This reverts commit a6e6191.
    Not entirely clear why, but this commit caused Travis build to fail:
    Travis indicates NPE on, but I could not
    figure out why that could happen.
  2. @BanzaiMan
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