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Unbundle bouncy-castle-java #1210

voxik opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Please unbundle bouncy-castle-java form JRuby. Bundling is not acceptable for Fedora.


that is part of the jruby-openssl gem

Should be dependency, not part. Hopefully you used just wrong terminology :)

I played around to remove all those jars.

This issue is not just about jar itself, but about every code which comes from

BTW the jline.jar will be next to come into your way.

jline is different. It is external library. We unbundle it already for some time and put it later on JRuby's class path.


but that is basically the jar wrapped in a gem. if you have bouncy-castle on the classpath you can ignore those dependency

Ah, ok ... so we are doing it wrong. We should symlink the jars to their original locations. That way we will preserve the original intended functionality and avoid possible collisions with libraries shipped by updated gems.

But for system packaged JRuby, we will always have to replace the bundled version with version available on the system, as long as RPM/YUM does not support properly more versions :/

Nevertheless, the bouncy-castle-java.rb should be unbundled, although it is just 3 lines of code.


this is done on both on master and on jruby-1_7 branch.

@mkristian mkristian closed this
@mkristian mkristian added this to the JRuby 1.7.12 milestone
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