NPE in RubyIO.fwrite(RubyString buffer) #1534

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inger commented Feb 27, 2014

The second line of the following snippet is throwing a NPE, when System.console() is not defined, yet somehow tty_p says true (is this breaking an invariant?)

if (Platform.IS_WINDOWS && tty_p(getRuntime().getCurrentContext()).isTrue()) {
System.console().printf("%s", buffer.asJavaString());
return len;

This was added 5bd0798 , fixed #1198 but it breaks our client upgrades from an earlier jruby version.
Thanks for you help.


We (Spring IO) are observing similar issue. The latest working version is 1.7.8.
JavaDocs from System.console()
* @return The system console, if any, otherwise <tt>null</tt>

Thank you.

enebo commented Mar 3, 2014

I guess I did not consider the JVM may be started without a console and then create a process which has a tty. In this case then unfortunately, for now, we will just need to go back to old broken way when console is not available...

@enebo enebo added this to the JRuby 1.7.12 milestone Mar 3, 2014
enebo commented Mar 3, 2014

Fixed in cfee0e7 on jruby-1_7 (will be merged to master soon). So ultimately we will need a better mechanism than using console if we cannot rely on it being there....This at least is a partial fix in that you will see chars if you have a console. If not then we are back to jruby-1.7.8 behavior.

@enebo enebo closed this Mar 3, 2014

Thank you very much! Wouldn't you mind to provide a repository url to check your SNAPSHOT?
And which version, too, please

enebo commented Mar 3, 2014

You can download a build of this tomorrow after our nightly dist job finishes here:

@ThorbenLindhauer ThorbenLindhauer added a commit to camunda/camunda-spin that referenced this issue Jul 1, 2014
@ThorbenLindhauer ThorbenLindhauer fix(test): upgrade jruby version to 1.7.13
- avoids NPE when running tests from within eclipse
- confer jruby/jruby#1534
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