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YAML parsing on master fails when loading currency gem data #1815

mjc opened this Issue · 1 comment

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On revision c12de36, this gist ( fails with this exception:

Exception `Psych::SyntaxError' at org/jruby/ext/psych/ - (iso4217.yaml): mapping values are not allowed here at line 2 column 7
Psych::SyntaxError: (iso4217.yaml): mapping values are not allowed here at line 2 column 7
         parse at org/jruby/ext/psych/
  parse_stream at /Users/mjc/.rubies/jruby-head/lib/ruby/2.1/psych.rb:370
         parse at /Users/mjc/.rubies/jruby-head/lib/ruby/2.1/psych.rb:318
          load at /Users/mjc/.rubies/jruby-head/lib/ruby/2.1/psych.rb:245
     load_file at /Users/mjc/.rubies/jruby-head/lib/ruby/2.1/psych.rb:464
          open at org/jruby/
     load_file at /Users/mjc/.rubies/jruby-head/lib/ruby/2.1/psych.rb:464
        (root) at test.rb:3

The data comes from currency v0.4.2.


I think you're right...this is the same issue as #1824, manifested in a different way because the file being read is larger than the internal buffers. So you end up with half a YAML file trying to parse, leading to syntax errors.

I ran your example after 4768e02 and it works fine, so we'll call this one fixed too.

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@headius headius added this to the JRuby 9000 milestone
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