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Errno::EBADF: Bad file descriptor - on consistently half the test runs #1817

mkristian opened this Issue Jul 15, 2014 · 0 comments

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just want to share a test case which fails 50%-75% percent of test runs with Errno::EBADF: Bad file descriptor. on the error since today is (IOError) closed stream which is about the same as I was able to debug with jruby-1.7.x where it happens that the underlying is closed.

to reproduce it:

git clone
cd jar-dependencies
mvn test

which runs the same test for jruby-1.6.8, jruby-1.7.13 and
the test which causes the problem is

it actually execute "Maven" and maybe I am just expecting TOO much. but since I did see all the tests to pass before, it can not be all too wrong.

to run a subset of the test use
mvn test -Djruby.versions=1.7.13
or more jrubies
mvn test -Djruby.versions=1.7.12,1.7.13,1.7.4,1.7.14-SNAPSHOT -Djruby.modes=1.9

on travis I removed that particular test.

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