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OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext::METHODS in MRI vs JRuby #1874

jordansissel opened this issue Jul 30, 2014 · 2 comments

OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext::METHODS in MRI vs JRuby #1874

jordansissel opened this issue Jul 30, 2014 · 2 comments


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Hello! While debugging some TLS stuff, I noticed a few oddities. Specifically, MRI's openssl supports different protocol methods than JRuby does.

I tested with MRI 2.1.2, MRI 1.9.3, and JRuby 1.7.13. Differences:

# Comparing OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext::METHODS
>> mri212 - jruby
=> [:TLSv1_2, :TLSv1_2_server, :TLSv1_2_client, :TLSv1_1, :TLSv1_1_server, :TLSv1_1_client]
>> jruby - mri212
=> [:SSLv2, :SSLv2_server, :SSLv2_client, :TLS, :"TLSv1.1"]
>> mri193 - jruby
=> []
>> jruby - mri193
=> [:SSLv2, :SSLv2_server, :SSLv2_client, :TLS, :"TLSv1.1"]

Curiosities and concerns:

  • JRuby still supports SSLv2, which might be on purpose, but v2 is pretty broken security-wise.
  • JRuby has a symbol with a dot TLSv1.1 where MRI does not. MRI uses TLSv1_1
  • JRuby doesn't have TLS v1.2 or (or TLSv1.3, but neither does MRI on my system)


% rvm 1.9.3,2.1.2,1.7.13 do ruby -ropenssl -e 'p [RUBY_PLATFORM,RUBY_ENGINE,RUBY_VERSION] => OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext::METHODS'
{["x86_64-linux", "ruby", "1.9.3"]=>[:TLSv1, :TLSv1_server, :TLSv1_client, :SSLv3, :SSLv3_server, :SSLv3_client, :SSLv23, :SSLv23_server, :SSLv23_client]}
{["x86_64-linux", "ruby", "2.1.2"]=>[:TLSv1, :TLSv1_server, :TLSv1_client, :TLSv1_2, :TLSv1_2_server, :TLSv1_2_client, :TLSv1_1, :TLSv1_1_server, :TLSv1_1_client, :SSLv3, :SSLv3_server, :SSLv3_client, :SSLv23, :SSLv23_server, :SSLv23_client]}
{["java", "jruby", "1.9.3"]=>[:TLSv1, :TLSv1_server, :TLSv1_client, :SSLv2, :SSLv2_server, :SSLv2_client, :SSLv3, :SSLv3_server, :SSLv3_client, :SSLv23, :SSLv23_server, :SSLv23_client, :TLS, :"TLSv1.1"]}
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This is possibly a dup of, or related to, #1735, #1733, and #1737.

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def protocol(text)
  OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext::METHODS.find { |x| x.to_s.gsub("_",".") == text }
ctx.version = protocol("TLSv1.1")

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