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Symbol GC - Ruby 2.2.0 compatibility #2350

rjnienaber opened this issue Dec 27, 2014 · 5 comments

Symbol GC - Ruby 2.2.0 compatibility #2350

rjnienaber opened this issue Dec 27, 2014 · 5 comments


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I've copied the code from the original patch in MRI (#9634) and run it against JRuby HEAD (c1be61a) and it seems that Symbols are not getting GC'ed. I'm not sure if this is classified as an implementation detail but I would think this might have some impact for Rails 5.0 when it comes out. Here's the code:

obj =
100_000.times do |i|
puts"symbol : #{Symbol.all_symbols.size}"

Here's the results:

$ rvm 2.2.0 do ruby -v gc_patch.rb 
ruby 2.2.0p0 (2014-12-25 revision 49005) [x86_64-darwin14]
symbol : 2505
$ rvm jruby-head do ruby -v gc_patch.rb 
jruby (2.2.0p0) 2014-12-27 c1be61a Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 25.5-b02 on 1.8.0_05-b13 +jit [darwin-x86_64]
symbol : 100977
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Ch4s3 commented Dec 27, 2014


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kares commented Dec 28, 2014

test is pretty naive, considering there's enough memory 100_000 objects might not simply fill it up ... also GC.start in JRuby does not come with a guarantee that GC has actually run and/or reclaimed all trash.

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According to this post by @headius, GC.start is stubbed out because some code will call it unnecessarily on JRuby. I modified the code to use System.gc and then added log lines before and after the request and I got these results:

rvm jruby-head do ruby -J-verbose:gc -J-XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps -J-XX:+PrintGCDetails -v gc_patch.rb 
<snip />
Request Garbage Collection
5.907: [GC (System.gc()) [PSYoungGen: 16408K->8608K(28160K)] 51133K->49460K(72704K), 0.0347450 secs] [Times: user=0.10 sys=0.01, real=0.03 secs] 
5.942: [Full GC (System.gc()) [PSYoungGen: 8608K->1804K(28160K)] [ParOldGen: 40852K->44437K(44544K)] 49460K->46241K(72704K), [Metaspace: 26143K->26143K(1071104K)], 0.4640830 secs] [Times: user=1.37 sys=0.01, real=0.47 secs] 
Finish requesting Garbage Collection

symbol : 100979

It would appear that a Full GC has been run.

@enebo enebo added this to the JRuby milestone Dec 29, 2014
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enebo commented Dec 29, 2014

We need to change our symbol backing store to not keep hard references. We were aware that this is an unfinished task but i think we must have missed filing a tracking issue for this.

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headius commented Dec 30, 2014

Easier than expected...fixed in f777300.

@headius headius closed this as completed Dec 30, 2014
@kares kares mentioned this issue Jan 12, 2015
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