Bad error message for block pass through with return statement #272

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alex commented Aug 26, 2012
alex@alex-gaynor-laptop:~/projects/rupypy$ ruby-1.9.3-p125 -e "return &5"
-e:1: block argument should not be given
alex@alex-gaynor-laptop:~/projects/rupypy$ jruby-1.6.7 -e "return &5"
SyntaxError: -e:1: Dynamic constant assignment.
headius commented Aug 27, 2012

Weird...must not be using the right message.

alex commented Aug 27, 2012

It comes from I believe, which means break and next almost certainly have the same issue.


There are a couple of places where the MRI parser checks for this condition ( but our parser doesn't have it.

@enebo enebo added this to the JRuby 1.7.11 milestone Feb 6, 2014
enebo commented Feb 6, 2014

Pretty funny it was just a typo in ret_args ...

@enebo enebo closed this Feb 6, 2014
@eregon eregon added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 18, 2016
@eregon eregon Squashed 'spec/ruby/' changes from 9b80404..ced79c8
ced79c8 Remove spec depending on platform-dependent behavior from ungetc/lseek.
26689c1 Added Exception#cause spec
36f0116 Add a Hash spec
1a7edec Import specs extracted from Rubinius' merged Codedb ffi io branch
4c86731 [Truffle] Add rb_gc_register_address and rb_ary_new4.
9f34a94 [Truffle] Pass all cext complex specs.
51b1b08 [Truffle] Pass all cext rational specs.
ec7a0fe [Truffle] Pass all cext mutex specs.
e9cb231 [Truffle] Pass all cext float specs.
3bce77e [Truffle] Pass all cext fixnum specs.
a9bdd5b [Truffle] rb_gc_enable and _disable
064fdca Add sort_by! spec for single-element array.
440c00f [Truffle] Use jt cextc as the cext compiler.
b223b45 Add an example for Array#slice!
87a550a Add missing require in shared Range specs
be39236 Add a case for nil&.attr+=val to the safe navigation operator specs
cba3695 Merge pull request #274 from iliabylich/add-specs-for-safe-navigator
ffabc7f Add specs for a safe navigator.
0a65ffe Merge pull request #272 from wied03/def_specs
88343ce Test return value of defined setters and []= methods and multiple arguments provided.
8e65d52 Merge pull request #273 from jrafanie/add_2_3_tests_for_reject_bang
e68a19a Add specs for Array#reject!, delete_if 2.3 change
147b216 Merge pull request #271 from odaira/myContribution
d02b3ac Skip specs using getsockopt, which is known to return a wrong length in AIX
c9634e9 Add ensure to the begin/rescue/else permutations for rescue_spec
7e05c6d Prevent regression of outer scope return value with begin/else logic
e1f7b0d Test rescue begin/else on methods as well as blocks
d4ced96 feature guard for fork

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