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File.fnmatch doesn't match german vowels #3248

sliminas opened this issue Aug 13, 2015 · 1 comment

File.fnmatch doesn't match german vowels #3248

sliminas opened this issue Aug 13, 2015 · 1 comment


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I have an issue when Rails is resolving the view templates and the template paths contain the german vowels ä, ö or ü.
When using Ruby 2.2.2 the following will match and return true:

File.fnmatch("#{Dir.pwd}/exämple.txt", "#{Dir.pwd}/exämple.txt")

But when using JRuby 9K this will actually return false.

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headius commented Aug 18, 2015

Looks like this is a signed versus unsigned problem.

@headius headius added this to the JRuby milestone Aug 18, 2015
eregon added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 28, 2015
f06add1 Add a C-API "rb_hash_clear"
5224ff5 Add a String#split spec with 0 limit
73765b9 Little fixes for the new spec.
f02b30b Added a few new specs for save/restore of $!
a32e961 Spec for fnmatch with multibyte characters. See #3248.
c567cba Add Module.const_get returning private constant test
2cf553f Socket::SO_REUSEADDR is non-zero/zero, update spec accordingly
83fa329 Fix spec to call Socket::Option#int.
82c8b9b Add spec for TCPServer having REUSEADDR set by default.
335915c Add spec for Array#uniq on BasicObject subclass.
10d5296 add failing spec for calling pack_sockaddr_in with a nil port
534643c add failing spec for to_h not duplicating
6ef3783 Add spec for with a unicode path.
9b55ac0 Add another example for Array#push.
52d84d7 The rescue keyword without classes will not rescue Exception
59b4a52 Updating spec to test large values
a420066 Guard Process.fork with a feature guard
7dc431a Disable OS X on Travis as it slows the build considerably
871319b Merge pull request #116 from benlovell/master
9836945 Specify `superclass` in respect to `prepend`
bdee7d6 Merge pull request #115 from nobu/bug/hypot-nil
ba78974 Adjust number of arguments to the arity
0cb8c3c Exclude ruby-head on OS X, it is slow and pretty old.
a01554e Merge pull request #114 from JuanitoFatas/language/class-and-module-keywords
7a20841 Better class & module name to avoid conflicts
4962f6a Add specs for class keyword
cf575ac Add specs for module keyword
e27464c Merge pull request #111 from kachick/grep_v
05cd690 Merge pull request #112 from kachick/rb_define_class_under
0d978d8 Add "rb_define_class_under"(C-API) specs for errors
8d65c2f Merge pull request #113 from kachick/nameerror-receiver
5be05e2 Merge pull request #110 from kachick/numeric-sign
86c91a1 Write NameError#receiver specs
3543656 Write Enumerable#grep_v specs
45c334e Write Numeric#negative? specs
6e164b0 Write Numeric#positive? specs
90d7a39 Merge pull request #108 from kachick/deprecate_constant2
8511340 Add Module#deprecate_constant specs
d82a978 Fix Module#deprecate_constant for private constants
f9a50cf Merge pull request #107 from kachick/deprecate_constant
3e9505b Write Module#deprecate_constant specs
9139fd8 Use Float constants for speical floats.
174ec42 add some TODOs
aaf1d53 Update TODOs, most of them have been addressed.
590439b Merge pull request #106 from kotp/master
2c3aa6f Removed double 'ell' for more distinct character
5650778 Fix indentation in Symbol#inspect.
d05a223 Merge pull request #104 from askl56/master
e32af12 Merge pull request #103 from maxfurman/array_any_spec
b1cde68 Merge pull request #105 from yous/trailing-whitespace
03218f1 Remove trailing whitespace
4d75ec8 fixed hash syntax to 1.9
f91cebd Array#any? is false if no block is given and everything in the array is falsy
ff5e8ac Spec for Array#any?
f3c5de1 Merge pull request #102 from maxfurman/hash_any_spec
cb77288 Spec for Hash#any?

git-subtree-dir: spec/ruby
git-subtree-split: f06add13184226600436afebe5d7e1b5ae172326
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