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String#encode fails with :invalid => :replace option #375

dudleyf opened this issue Nov 6, 2012 · 8 comments

String#encode fails with :invalid => :replace option #375

dudleyf opened this issue Nov 6, 2012 · 8 comments


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@dudleyf dudleyf commented Nov 6, 2012

Under MRI (1.9.3-p286):

dudley@kima ~ :> ruby -e 'puts "foo".encode("UTF-16", :invalid => :replace)'

Under JRuby (1.7.0):

dudley@kima ~ :> ruby -e '"foo".encode("UTF-16", :invalid => :replace)' `replaceWith': java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal replacement
    from `getCharsetEncoder'
    from `transcode'
    from `transcode'
    from `transcode'
    from `transcode'
    from `encode'
    from RubyString$INVOKER$i$encode.gen:-1:in `call'
    from `invokeWithArguments'
    from `invocationFallback'
    from -e:1:in `__file__'
    from -e:-1:in `load'
    from `runScript'
    from `runScript'
    from `runNormally'
    from `runFromMain'
    from `doRunFromMain'
    from `internalRun'
    from `run'
    from `run'
    from `main'

According to the docs (, the replacement string should default to "\uFFFD" for Unicode encoding forms, and "?" otherwise.

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@headius headius commented Nov 8, 2012

I believe the problem is simply that we're not using the right replacement bytes for some encodings in the following two methods. We need appropriate default replacement logic for the various targets.

In CharsetTranscoder:

    private CharsetDecoder getCharsetDecoder(Charset charset) {
        CharsetDecoder decoder = charset.newDecoder();


        if (actions.replaceWith != null) decoder.replaceWith(actions.replaceWith.toString());

        return decoder;

    private CharsetEncoder getCharsetEncoder(Charset charset) {
        CharsetEncoder encoder = charset.newEncoder();

        if (actions.replaceWith != null) {

        return encoder;
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@toreriklinnerud toreriklinnerud commented Dec 3, 2012

I can't be terribly helpful, but whilst testing a lightweight email processing app we currently have in production, this was the biggest issue we hit so far and is currently stopping us from moving forward with a switch from MRI, unless we develop a workaround.

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@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan commented Dec 4, 2012

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@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan commented Dec 6, 2012

I looked at this issue in a little more detail.

  1. CharsetTranscoder$CodingErrorActions will need to be made encoding aware. This is tedious, but doable.
  2. Our encoding library (jcodings) will need to be made aware of the "UTF-16" encoding, which is a bit dubious. In Java, it is expected that the string contains byte order marker; I'm not sure if MRI has that expectation. At any rate, since jcodings does not know about "UTF-16" encoding, by the time execution gets to CharsetTranscoder, we are treating it like it is ASCII. This loss of information is obviously problematic here, though there might be a good reason against having it.
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@pmahoney pmahoney commented Jan 29, 2013

Just a vote for this issue. exception_notification uses this pattern.

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@toreriklinnerud toreriklinnerud commented Jan 29, 2013

Does anyone have a suggested workaround? Our app accepts text (email) with any encoding (specified in the email) . Occasionally emails are not in the encoding they say they are, and or they have invalid characters. We need to a way to convert the incoming content to something that is guaranteed valid UTF-8, even if it involves data loss.

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@dekellum dekellum commented Jul 5, 2013

@BanzaiMan pointed me at this issue from #856, which I believe is a distinct enough problem, though is clearly related.

FWIW: This issues does appear to be a regression from jruby 1.6.8:

jruby-1.6 -v -e 'puts "foo".encode("UTF-16", :invalid => :replace)'
jruby 1.6.8 (ruby-1.9.2-p312) (2012-09-18 1772b40) (Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM 1.7.0_21) [linux-i386-java]
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@bf4 bf4 commented Sep 16, 2013

Great that this will be fixed in 1.7.5! In the meantime, this worked for me:

  def as_utf8(str)
    if str.respond_to?(:encode!)
      if defined?(JRUBY_VERSION)
        # don't blow up
        str = as_ascii(str)
        # Converting it to a higher higher character set (UTF-16) and then
        #  back (to UTF-8) ensures that you will strip away invalid or undefined byte sequences.
        str.encode!(Encoding::UTF_16LE, :invalid => :replace, :undef => :replace, :replace => '_')
  rescue => e
    # Airbrake.notify(e)
    warn e.inspect

  # help out copy and pasting errors of good-looking email addresses
  # by stripping out non-ASCII characters
  def as_ascii(str)
    if str.respond_to?(:to_ascii)
      # with stringex or talentbox-unidecoder
      # avoids invalid multi-byte escape error
      ascii_text = str.encode( Encoding::ASCII, invalid: :replace, undef: :replace, replace: '' )
      # see
      pattern ='[\x80-\xff]', nil, 'n')
      ascii_text.gsub(pattern, '')
  def force_utf8_encoding(str)
    if str.is_a?(String) && str.respond_to?(:force_encoding)
      str = str.dup if str.frozen?


      if !str.valid_encoding?
        #logger.warn("encoding: forcing invalid UTF-8 string; text is #{str}")
        str.encode!(Encoding::UTF_8, Encoding::ISO_8859_1)

eregon added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 27, 2017
fb3e3ac Remove redundant specs
89b75f6 Write to an external file instead of using output_to_fd
a1837cb If you change the max of a sized queue, the old items beyond the max remain
f3b9b2d change TruffleRuby's RUBY_ENGINE to ruby until we are recognised by rubygems
5792e29 Simplify Array#sample spec and avoid #itself
1af4646 add array sample randomness spec
086ccc5 Fix a spec typo
ac4cabf Add link to TruffleRuby
8dcc2ca Remove old JRuby+Truffle link
c8eda60 Add spec for Enumerable#chunk_while with single element.
f8e0ea5 Add spec for invalid rescue clauses
19ec73a Spec for rescue comparing against classes using ===
61b4c61 add spec for String#scan's output when passed block has multiple arguments
6047836 Fix bad spec which inadvertently passed due to have_data.
2268696 Replace have_data matchers with ==
ca87e50 Merge pull request #383 from manu-crealytics/gzipreader_enumerator_specs
1c4d467 Extend GzipReader specs to cover returned Enumerators.
859eeb0 Kerenel#warn no longer splats an array in 2.5 (#382)
cee9571 Extract to a fixture to ease retrying
0079c36 Merge pull request #379 from kachick/2.4-match-p
9b95f54 Merge pull request #377 from kachick/hash-transform_values
96735c5 Merge pull request #376 from kachick/hash-compact
5be340b Write specs around {String|Symbol}#match?
95b9bbb Write specs around Regexp#match?
ef69806 Merge pull request #375 from kachick/concat-prepend-with-multi-arg
9496ea5 Remove suspicious spec
28a88ed Remove empty WIN32OLE specs
ab2925b Retry on failure
db38e03 Avoid double error
2d281a2 Temporarily disable new spec for String#each_line in 2.5 as Travis trunk lags
2d08e6d Enable 2.4.0 in CI
80f92c2 Write Hash#transform_values! specs around frozen
5611438 Write Hash#transform_values! specs
4d31731 Write Hash#transform_values specs
906bd11 suppress error for a while
dd2360f Write Hash#compact{!} specs
6f66a66 Add Array#concat with multiple arguments
d650d57 Add String#concat with multiple arguments
9020e16 Add String#prepend with multiple arguments
c4a0aa2 Sort by versions
85b2434 Merge pull request #371 from vais/windows
eaf3da5 There is no /dev/tty on Windows, but the rest of the tty spec works
9b81e7d Don't leave zombie IE processes hanging around after specs finish running
f9e6b34 There is no /dev/tty on Windows
dc9c3e1 Silence the nuisance "'does_not_exist' is not recognized..." message

git-subtree-dir: spec/ruby
git-subtree-split: fb3e3ac203386b2b82a7787490ed4f861ab4169e
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