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Remaining 2.3 checklist items not in JRuby 9.1 #3816

headius opened this Issue Apr 20, 2016 · 2 comments


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headius commented Apr 20, 2016

Here's the remaining checklist of changes needed to support Ruby 2.3. The original bulk was implemented in JRuby 9.1 for #3479.

This list is currently based on

Language changes

Core classes updates (outstanding ones only)

  • Encoding
    • new Encoding::IBM037 (alias ebcdic-cp-us; dummy)
  • Enumerator::Lazy
  • IO
  • Proc
    • Testing of Proc#call optimizations
  • RubyVM::InstructionSequence (May or may not be supportable in JRuby; very specific to MRI)
    • add the following methods as a primitive tool of iseq loader.
      See sample/iseq_loader.rb for usage.
      Note that loader does not have verifier so it is easy to cause
      critical problem by loading modified/broken binary data.
      See for more details. (experimental feature)
      • RubyVM::InstructionSequence#to_binary(extra_data = nil)
      • RubyVM::InstructionSequence.load_from_binary(binary)
      • RubyVM::InstructionSequence.load_from_binary_extra_data(binary)

Core classes compatibility issues (excluding feature bug fixes)

  • File::Stat
    • On Windows File::Stat#ino always returned 0, but now returns
  • pack/unpack (Array/String)

Stdlib updates (outstanding ones only)

Only items relevant to JRuby

  • Bundle did_you_mean gem #3480
  • ObjectSpace (objspace) (Most of these are specific to MRI and not relevant to JRuby)
    • ObjectSpace.count_symbols is added.
    • ObjectSpace.count_imemo_objects is added.
    • ObjectSpace.internal_class_of is added.
    • ObjectSpace.internal_super_of is added.
  • StringIO
    • In read-only mode, StringIO#set_encoding no longer sets the encoding
      of its buffer string. Setting the encoding of the string directly
      without StringIO#set_encoding may cause unpredictable behavior now.

Implementation improvements

Only items relevant to JRuby

  • Case dispatch is now optimized for all special constant literals
    including nil, true, and false. Previously, only literal strings,
    symbols, integers and floats compiled to optimized case dispatch.
    ( (We have implemented the Fixnum part of this in JRuby for #3513 and #3672 but are missing other types that MRI optimizes).
  • Instance variables on non-pure Ruby classes (T_DATA, T_FILE,
    etc..) is less expensive to store than before. ( (We have enabled reified instance variables in this release, where up to ten variables will be represented as Java fields. There is likely more we can do here.)
  • All accesses to members of big Struct objects are performed in
    constant-time. Previously, Struct elements beyond the first 10
    10 elements used a linear scan. ( (We should do a pass over our Struct class to look for opportunities. Most operations should already be constant time. A quick exploration revealed that #[] currently still does a linear search.)
  • CGI.escapeHTML is optimized with C extention.
    ruby/ruby#1164 (JRuby may want to follow suit if this is a commonly-called method.)

@headius headius added this to the JRuby milestone Apr 20, 2016

@headius headius referenced this issue Apr 20, 2016


Ruby 2.3 support #3479

50 of 58 tasks complete

@headius headius modified the milestones: JRuby, JRuby May 11, 2016

@enebo enebo modified the milestones: JRuby, JRuby May 23, 2016

headius added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 12, 2016

Add Enumerator::Lazy#grep_v for #3816
Also enable MRI's test_lazy_enumerator.rb.

@headius headius modified the milestones: JRuby, JRuby Aug 12, 2016


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headius Aug 12, 2016


Got a few more in...punt the rest to


headius commented Aug 12, 2016

Got a few more in...punt the rest to


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headius commented Nov 14, 2016

Ref #4293

@headius headius modified the milestones: JRuby, JRuby Dec 14, 2016

@headius headius removed this from the JRuby milestone May 15, 2018

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