support for const_get() in java_package_module_template #435

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bwalsh commented Dec 9, 2012

jruby/src/jruby/java/java_package_module_template.rb does not include an implementation of const_get().

use case:

Leveraging extends and include`s, I've added ActiveModel support to java pojos. This works well and I can now use pojos as full fledged models in rails apps. This is quite useful for integration.

However, some gems (ActiveSupport) pass the class into ActiveSupport::Dependencies.constantize(resource_class_name). This in turn calls active_support/inflector/methods.constantize() for each module which finally calls constant.const_get().

I've added a few trace statements and have seen the following

constantize Object Java
constantize Java ComMyCoPocModel
constantize Java::ComMyCoPocModel CardApplicant
ArgumentError: Java package com.myco.poc.model' does not have a methodconst_get'

Looking at the code JavaPackageModuleTemplate, would an implementation of const_get() be similar to const_missing() ie call to JavaUtilities.get_proxy_class

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