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File::write uses nonblocking IO when MRI uses blocking #5663

byteit101 opened this Issue Mar 22, 2019 · 3 comments


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byteit101 commented Mar 22, 2019


  • jruby (2.5.3) 2019-02-11 15ba00b OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 25.201-b09 on 1.8.0_201-b09 +jit [linux-x86_64]
  • RHEL 7.6

Expected Behavior

MRI waits if nobody is reading the other side of a pty pair:

2.5.3 :001 > require 'pty'
 => true 
2.5.3 :002 > m,s =
 => [#<IO:masterpty:/dev/pts/15>, #<File:/dev/pts/15>] 
2.5.3 :003 > 20.times{|i| puts "writing #{i}"; s.write("_" * 1000) }
writing 0
writing 1
writing 2
writing 3
writing 4
writing 5
writing 6
writing 7
writing 8
<hang until ctrl-c>

Actual Behavior

However JRuby appears to use non-blocking IO and thus throws an exception:

jruby- :001 > require 'pty'
 => true 
jruby- :002 > m,s =; nil
 => nil 
jruby- :003 > 20.times{|i| puts "writing #{i}"; s.write("_" * 1000) }
writing 0
writing 1
writing 2
writing 3
writing 4
writing 5
writing 6
writing 7
writing 8
writing 9
writing 10
writing 11
writing 12
Traceback (most recent call last):
        9: from /home/byteit101/.rvm/rubies/jruby- `<main>'
        8: from org/jruby/ `catch'
        7: from org/jruby/ `catch'
        6: from org/jruby/ `loop'
        5: from org/jruby/ `eval'
        4: from (irb):3:in `evaluate'
        3: from (irb):3:in `block in evaluate'
        2: from org/jruby/ `write'
        1: from org/jruby/ `write'
SystemCallError (Unknown error (SystemCallError) - No message available)
jruby- :004 >

It took me a bit to figure out that the errno was EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable) (not sure why that wasn't in the exception message, another issue?)

I found this as the surprise exception causes a compatibility issue with Pry in a Pty to exit on large output (think ENV inspection, ~12k on my machine) in JRuby, but not under MRI as MRI never throws here.


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headius commented Mar 28, 2019

Huh, that's weird. Our pty library is FFI-based and lives in lib/ruby/stdlib. Maybe you can have a look there and see if something obvious is going on (like setting the IO streams O_NONBLOCK or something).


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byteit101 commented Mar 29, 2019

After too much strace for one night, I think I found the issue. From :

    def hack_close_on_exec(fd)
      # I assume this isn't actually supported for good reasons.
      # but let's see how close to passing test_pty we can get.
      fl = fd.fcntl(Fcntl::F_GETFL, 0)
fd.fcntl(Fcntl::F_SETFL, Fcntl::FD_CLOEXEC|fl)

Should be GETFD/SETFD according to man pages.
But that would seem to have worked regardless, because of the weirdness of which says
FIXME: F_SETFL and F_SETFD are treated as the same thing here

However, I also found that
fd.fcntl(Fcntl::F_SETFL, Fcntl::FNONBLOCK|fl) triggers no fcntl call, while fd.fcntl(Fcntl::F_SETFL, fl) triggers fcntl(16, F_SETFL, O_RDWR|O_NONBLOCK|O_LARGEFILE) = 0 (ie. the exact opposite is configured. I'm pretty sure I was looking at the right lines in strace, but that seems odd.

fd.close_on_exec=true looks to work correctly though (at least in my trials), but I'm unsure why hack_close_on_exec is needed vs just using close_on_exec directly?


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Freaky commented Mar 29, 2019

As the comment suggests, the hack predates close_on_exec=. Removing it is definitely suggested :)

@enebo enebo added this to the JRuby milestone Mar 29, 2019

@enebo enebo closed this in #5677 Apr 5, 2019

enebo pushed a commit that referenced this issue Apr 5, 2019

enebo added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 5, 2019

Merge pull request #5677 from byteit101/master
Use close_on_exec method instead of using fcntl calls for pty. Fixes #5663
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