Make behavior of Array#eql? more closely match MRI #1725

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MRI's rb_ary_eql looks like this:

rb_ary_eql(VALUE ary1, VALUE ary2)
    if (ary1 == ary2) return Qtrue;
    if (!RB_TYPE_P(ary2, T_ARRAY)) return Qfalse;
    if (RARRAY_LEN(ary1) != RARRAY_LEN(ary2)) return Qfalse;
    return rb_exec_recursive_paired(recursive_eql, ary1, ary2, ary2);

Notice the RB_TYPE_P check. This will be true for instances of Array or a subclass of Array.

However, JRuby's Array#eql? returns true for objects which are not Arrays, as long as they implement #to_ary and as long as all their members are eql? to the corresponding members in the receiver Array.

This is contrary to the intent of #eql? -- it is supposed to be a stricter version of == which checks not just value but also type.

This patch should bring the behavior of JRuby a little bit closer in line with MRI.

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Hash#merge works when passed a Ruby Hash #95


Right now, there is no test in Rubyspec which verifies this behavior. I just issued a PR for one:


The test which catches this bug has been merged into Rubyspec; therefore, if this PR is accepted, it will improve JRuby's Rubyspec pass rate.

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