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Addresses open issue #134, JRUBY-6701. Allowing the JVM arguments 'http.proxyHost' and 'http.proxyPort' to be set and used by Net::HTTP.

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It would be better setting env var http_proxy according to JVM arg for open-uri and rubygems.
CRuby's net/http ignores OS's env setting (http_proxy/HTTP_PROXY) so JVM arg should be ignored as the same.

You may want to file a ticket to for asking net/http to honor OS's proxy setting.


Thanks nahi, I will open a bug on ruby-lang to address the ENV http_proxy. I believe this instance is a special case where JRuby ignores a Java defined argument, not an ENV setting. Since it is a Java defined setting it should be read and used (and where ruby-lang doesn't have precedence), whereas the ENV http_proxy setting is debatable. Thoughts?


I think I understand your point a little more now. I wasn't aware that most of the JRuby ruby code is the exact same as ruby-langs. So you're saying since ruby-lang explicitly ignores all 'environment' settings, so should JRuby (where environment is also the JVM)?

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I disagree with @nahi here. The JSE proxy setting is a JVM runtime behavior anyone running on JVM should probably be aware of. Even further, those who do rely on it like @dekz see the very surprising behavior of JRuby ignoring JSE proxy.

I do agree that it's perhaps a little surprising that there would be environment settings that would affect JRuby and not MRI, but then again JRuby runs on a different runtime...differences are part of the story.

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@dekz Yes, that's my thinking.

@headius We might be able to customize and maintain net/http, net/ftp, open-uri and rubygems (really?) but we cannot support all other non-standard HTTP clients like eventmachine, rest-client, curb and httpclient. I think it's better to refrain from customizing stdlibs. Converting JSE proxy setting to VM local ENV would work, isn't it enough?

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@nahi If the maintenance load is too much, then we definitely would want to find an alternative. I don't know how the JSE proxy settings propagate into normal Java APIs, but it sounds like they aren't automatically just "on" so there's manual work we would need to do.

Your idea of just turning those properties into ENV values is interesting, but my concern is propagating that ENV to subprocesses that would normally not see it. @dekz patch is also not too invasive, but I have no idea how many other places would need to be patched to support JSE proxy consistently.

Another option would be a library you can require that makes net/* honor JSE/JVM proxy settings. In other words, make it opt in without the user having to modify every piece of code that calls into net/* to use those settings...with @dekz (monkey) patch behind a JRuby-specific library.

For now I'll defer to you (@nahi) to decide how to approach this (if we approach it at all).


I can see why this patch can be both good and bad. Is there precedence where JSE settings are applied to the runtime which may in effect change the output when compared with MRI? If not this will add precedence to all future issues whether the JSE setting should be applied.

As @nahi has said it does impact a number of higher level functionality such as open-uri which could cause additional maintenance, tests and burden on other software (such as HTTP clients RestClient et al).

I don't believe simply propagating the JSE setting to the ENV is enough or correct in this situation.

I think the question to answer is, Should we always implement the expected functionality of JSE settings and trend away from MRI, defining a different platform.

At the end of the day, if the HTTP functionality was written to use Java Internals it should propagate the setting. Simply because we are using the MRI implementation of HTTP it does not. So arguably we should take this setting into account.

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Ok, I'm going to merge this in some way or another, but there are a couple concerns:

  • If JSE proxy setting is on, there's no way to make this code ignore it other than by clearing the property or by passing a different proxy. Does anyone foresee that as a problem?

  • The patch needs to use ENV_JAVA so there's no hard dependency on the 'java' library in JRuby. ENV_JAVA mirrors Java system properties.

For the moment I'm going to go ahead and just use the proxy properties unconditionally and we'll see how it goes.

@headius headius merged commit e283bc9 into jruby:master Aug 28, 2012
@headius headius added a commit that referenced this pull request Aug 28, 2012
@headius headius Tweaks for #195:
* Use ENV_JAVA so there's no dependency on 'java' library.
* Add comment explaining our defaulting to JSE proxy properties
* Make the same change for 1.8's net/http.

Thanks headius, the only thing I am a little worried about is how well this works with open-uri. But if all tests seem fine, it's worth the merge.

If JSE proxy setting is on, there's no way to make this code ignore it other than by clearing the property or by passing a different proxy. Does anyone foresee that as a problem?

This seems to be the way it is designed to work on the JVM, so I don't see a problem here.

The patch needs to use ENV_JAVA so there's no hard dependency on the 'java' library in JRuby. ENV_JAVA mirrors Java system properties.

Sounds much cleaner.

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