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I'm not sure how to test this... it seems there're no unit test for caller in org.jruby.test.TestKernel and the rubyspec doesn't implement 2.0 semantics, at least for this method

berdario added some commits Mar 28, 2013
@berdario berdario Added optional length to caller() method and support for Range argument 74e4e91
@berdario berdario Minor whitespace fixes e35d103
@berdario berdario Merge branch 'master' of git:// de550c5
@berdario berdario closed this Mar 28, 2013
@berdario berdario Fixed off-by-one error and handled malformed arguments 1f3f2e4
@berdario berdario reopened this Mar 28, 2013
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If this is only for Ruby 2.0, compatibility version needs to be considered. As written, the behavior also manifests in 1.8 and 1.9 modes.

JRuby Team member

I've got this. Making tweaks so it only affects 2.0 mode and passes tests. Thanks for the PR!

JRuby Team member

Merged as of 1fe9081 (with tweaks).

@headius headius closed this Mar 29, 2013
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