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add support for options and not truncating offset for IO.write #764

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This change introduces the following rubyspec error:

     [java] IO.write disregards other options if :open_args is given ERROR
     [java] IOError: not opened for writing
     [java] org/jruby/ `write'
     [java] org/jruby/ `write'
     [java] /home/travis/build/jruby/jruby/spec/ruby/core/io/write_spec.rb:61:in `(root)'
     [java] org/jruby/ `instance_eval'
     [java] org/jruby/ `all?'
     [java] org/jruby/ `times'
     [java] org/jruby/ `each'
     [java] /home/travis/build/jruby/jruby/spec/ruby/core/io/write_spec.rb:48:in `(root)'
     [java] /home/travis/build/jruby/jruby/spec/ruby/core/io/write_spec.rb:47:in `(root)'
     [java] org/jruby/ `load'
     [java] org/jruby/ `instance_eval'
     [java] org/jruby/ `each'
JRuby Team member

@atambo how did you simulate this error? Because my change is not supposed to make it happen, this error should be happening before because IO.write doesn't support "open_args" the specs for "open_args" are tagged. I was planing to support "open_args" after merging this pull request because make reviews easier.

@atambo atambo merged commit e812402 into jruby:master

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Details default The Travis CI build is in progress
@josedonizetti josedonizetti deleted the josedonizetti:io_write branch
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Showing with 21 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +2 −5 spec/tags/1.9/ruby/core/io/write_tags.txt
  2. +19 −3 src/org/jruby/
7 spec/tags/1.9/ruby/core/io/write_tags.txt
@@ -1,6 +1,3 @@
-fails:IO.write doesn't truncate the file and writes the given string if an offset is given
-fails:IO.write accepts a :mode option
-fails:IO.write raises an error if readonly mode is specified
-fails:IO.write uses encoding from given options, if provided
fails:IO.write uses an :open_args option
-fails:IO.write doesn't truncate and writes at the given offset after passing empty opts
+fails:IO.write disregards other options if :open_args is given
22 src/org/jruby/
@@ -3604,12 +3604,28 @@ private static IRubyObject read19(ThreadContext context, IRubyObject recv, IRuby
* open_args: array of string
private static IRubyObject write19(ThreadContext context, IRubyObject recv, IRubyObject path, IRubyObject str, IRubyObject offset, RubyHash options) {
- // FIXME: process options
RubyString pathStr = RubyFile.get_path(context, path);
Ruby runtime = context.runtime;
failIfDirectory(runtime, pathStr);
- RubyIO file = newFile(context, recv, pathStr, context.runtime.newString("w"));
+ RubyIO file = null;
+ long mode = ModeFlags.CREAT;
+ if (options == null || (options != null && options.isEmpty())) {
+ if (offset.isNil()) {
+ mode |= ModeFlags.WRONLY;
+ } else {
+ mode |= ModeFlags.RDWR;
+ }
+ file = (RubyIO) Helpers.invoke(context, runtime.getFile(), "new", path, RubyFixnum.newFixnum(runtime, mode));
+ } else if (!options.containsKey(runtime.newSymbol("mode"))) {
+ mode |= ModeFlags.WRONLY;
+ file = (RubyIO) Helpers.invoke(context, runtime.getFile(), "new", path, RubyFixnum.newFixnum(runtime, mode), options);
+ } else {
+ file = (RubyIO) Helpers.invoke(context, runtime.getFile(), "new", path, options);
+ }
try {
if (!offset.isNil()), offset);
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