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komax commented Jul 2, 2013

Finished my first code review:

  • checked classes for code style
  • simplified some boolean conditions
  • factorization of complex conditions into separate variables
  • addition of @Override
  • removed unnecessary imports
  • descriptive identifiers
  • refactoring of duplicated code patterns into helper private methods
komax added some commits Jun 27, 2013
@komax komax addition of @Override annotations to some classes; rewriting to code …
…style in

JRuby and java
@komax komax lambda onlines now due code style with do instead of {} 3becd17
@komax komax addition of equals for IRScope based on hashCode() implemenation 7096570
@komax komax removal of not required imports; add of @Override annotation for thes…
…e files;

comparing Strings by equals not on == in Java
@komax komax refactored ASTCompiler checking for dropping last value on stack (new…
… help

method discardTopValue()); Addition of some @Override
@komax komax addition of many @Override. Refactoring on some conditions using
String.equals(). Moved checks out of if conditions to extra variable, if it
used at least twice
@komax komax removal of unrequried import af34989
@komax komax code formatting: rewriting usage of nested tenerary operator; if with…
… {} and

@komax komax fixed typo and removal of unecessary imports 2b5939b
@komax komax tiny code formatting: @Override, factorization into local variables i…
…nstead of

long method calls
@komax komax correct IO handling and formatted to code style 6cd1fb6
@komax komax introduced verifyByteCode() method to eliminate code duplicates; Addi…
…tion of

@Override s
@komax komax Code formatting and eventHooks are new implemented by ArrayList 78c6512
@komax komax revert to Vector for eventHooks, since it is used in threading context 5c24661
@komax komax comments and code style on IRBuilder, IRScope and JVMVistitor 3de1a08
@komax komax simplification for equals() method and code styling c33ef72
@komax komax Merge branch 'master' into komax_codereview
upstream from jruby master

As I indicated on IRC, this PR is way too big, having too many disparate parts to be merged. Please separate them into smaller parts (one PR per one idea), and skip the stylistic changes (spaces, do/end vs. braces, @Override, etc.) for now.


komax commented Jul 2, 2013

Thanks for your feedback, I am new in contributing to open source projects. I split them into these pull requests


Thanks. I'm going to close this one, then.

@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan closed this Jul 2, 2013
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