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jendave commented Jul 3, 2013

Added Maven Site reports including Javadoc generation, dependency/plugin analysis, test coverage, changelog and more.

headius and others added some commits Jul 3, 2013
@headius headius Remove almost all binaries and switch to maven project.
In detail:

* Remove most jar and gem files from build_lib, since they will
  be sourced via maven.
* Remove nbproject and allow NetBeans to open us as a Maven
* Remove build.xml references to build_lib binaries
* Remove some ant build targets that are no longer used and/or
  will not work without build_lib present.
@headius headius Remove remaining binaries from build_lib.
* bnd is now sourced from maven.
* bouncy-castle-java.rb moved under gems/bouncy-castle-java/lib.
* jruby-win32-ole gem will get sourced from maven.

Additional tweaks to get jar-dist working.
@headius headius Eliminate most references to build_lib. 55395c3
@headius headius Get dev gems installing properly with removed build_lib. 7aba1c2
@headius headius Move to @mkristian's proposed layout, with some modifications. 28c6fbc
@jendave jendave Added Maven Site reports 736c072
@headius headius Remove from src tree. a7fa461
@jendave jendave Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/upstream/stripped_project'
@jendave jendave Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/upstream/master' 6b0b253

Please rebase.


For PRs, I advise you to use a topic branch, so that when you pull upstream changes into master, the PR won't get messed up.

@jendave jendave closed this Jul 4, 2013

For the Enum class Operation, the comment says for the OpFlags class "I cannot nest this class in an Enum class.";
I don't understand why not. Could OpFlags not just live at the bottom of the Enum or after the final value's semicolon?
From a personal taste point of view, I like to make these int value classes be interfaces instead: as it makes writing final static unnecessary.

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