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Contribution Guide

Sébastien Le Callonnec edited this page Jun 11, 2013 · 3 revisions

Here is a draft of the contribution guide to JRuby.

Getting and Building JRuby

See Download and Build JRuby.


Here are the different test commands:

  • ant test : runs all JRuby unit tests.
  • ant spec-short : runs Rubyspecs for 1.8 and 1.9 in interpreted mode.


  • To run a spec separately:
./bin/jruby -S mspec /path/to/spec.rb

Pull Requests

  • Make sure commit comments contain as much information as possible on the intent of the fix, so that PRs can be reviewed more easily.
  • Use feature branch if possible (?)
  • Keep big formatting changes in separate commits or PR to make review easier.
  • See the GitHub Guide for more details.

Coding Conventions

See the JRuby Style Guide.

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