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Downloading JRuby Source and Building It Yourself

  1. Obtain source code:
  • You may grab a nightly build (jruby-dist-*-src.tar.gz for Linux, OS X, Solaris, etc., and jruby-dist-* for Windows) from our CI server and expand it, or
  • Clone JRuby's repository git clone
  1. Follow the build instructions.

(OLD) JRuby Versions up to 1.7.4

If you prefer to download JRuby source and build it yourself, rather than installing a binary as described in Getting Started with JRuby, you can either download the source files from our web site or get JRuby source code directly from our git repository.

  • To get JRuby source from the web in a tar or zip file, Download the latest JRuby Source .tar or .zip file and extract it to a directory. The instructions below assume you've extracted the file to the jruby directory.

    • For OSX, Linux, BSD, Solaris, and other UNIX varieties, get the most recent jruby-src-X.Y.Z.tar.gz file.
    • If you're on Microsoft Windows, get the most recent file.
  • To get JRuby source from our git repository, retrieve the trunk version of the JRuby source. For example, you can use the following terminal window or command window command to save the files to the jruby directory:

      git clone git://

Build JRuby using the following shell commands ('''Note:''' Ant 1.7 is required to build JRuby version greater than 1.1, up to version 1.7.4):

cd jruby

Create an up-to-date version of jruby-complete.jar with this ant task:

ant jar-complete

Generate an up-to-date set of the JavaDoc for JRuby located at docs/api/index.html:

ant apidocs

Delete any build and compile artifacts:

ant clean

Run the JRuby tests:

ant test

Build the tarballs, zip files and dmg for every platform:

ant dist

If any of the commands above fails, try to clean before running it again:

ant clean

See Getting Started for information on using JRuby.

If you want to attach a debugger to the jruby internal java codes, to aid in developing see here.

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