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Google Summer of Code 2009 is coming soon! The call for submissions will be opening soon, so start thinking about what you'd like to propose.

Question: Which organization is JRuby participating under?

Answer: JRuby will participate under both the "Rails" organizations and the "Codehaus" organization. Feel free to submit to both, and we'll try to get them through whichever makes sense.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Nokogiri JRuby support (maybe too short, since it's mostly done)
  • Other native libs people are using?
    • win32ole, probably using JACOB or similar COM bridge
    • win32, using FFI
  • Android/JavaME/embedded JRuby APIs, performance, build tools, etc
  • "Small footprint" JRuby for applets and things; relates to previous item
  • ParseTree-compatible API built into JRuby
    • What happened to JParseTree?
      • JParseTree was a great effort, and got pretty far toward supporting PT, even running many of its tests. And it may still have a lot of useful code. Unfortunately it has decayed, and probably would need a lot of work. It also tried to do everything without JRuby modifications, which in many cases made it a much harder job. We are perfectly willing to add extensions to JRuby to support any future PT attempts. (Headius)
  • JVM bytecode-based debugger (like JDB) for Ruby code running under JRuby; integration with IDEs, etc
  • Compiler work: type inference, SSA/CPS transform + optimizations, gradual typing
  • Java integration: improving the layer between Ruby and Java
  • Java 7/MLVM work: integrating tail call optimizations, interface injection, dynamic calls, and more
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