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There are JRuby users all over the world! This is a good thing, too, since there are Ruby, Java, and JRuby conferences, events, and user groups all over the world.

The users listed on this wiki page have volunteered to act as local "JRuby Delegates" when the JRuby core team members are unable to travel. They can answer questions about JRuby, meet up for lunch/dinner/hacking, speak at nearby conferences, and generally act as a local JRuby "expert" for some definition of "expert". You should feel comfortable contacting them directly with questions, and know that they'll either help you or put you in contact with someone who can.

If you are interested in joining this list, we would recommend you meet the following criteria:

  • Day to day JRuby user, JRuby committer, or JRuby enthusiast
  • Have implemented something interesting or nontrivial using JRuby or contributed nontrivial patches
  • Comfortable with open-source ethos
  • Comfortable speaking to people, either one on one or as a group (presentation)

In return, the JRuby community will help you fulfill the role of JRuby Delegate, providing speaking tips, presentation material, demos, and more. There's no requirement to start doing conferences, of course; we really just want folks that can help new JRubyists feel comfortable. And of course the JRuby community and the core team are always standing by to assist you.

Note that you can also include your Github or Twitter (or other) information if you'd prefer not to publicize your email here. Just make sure there's a way for folks to contact you, and we're all good!

Welcome to the JRuby Community!



  • Tal Rotbart - Uses JRuby to build the front-end for SpringSense's meaning recognition engine


São Paulo, SP

  • Bruno Oliveira - using JRuby integrated with JBoss projects.
  • Douglas Campos - JRuby contributor, using JRuby on several projects.

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

  • Raphaël Valyi / Akretion early adopted JRuby since 2006 and always defended it as one of the greatest open source project. Using it for Rails websites embedding Java-fast algorithms and also for connecting OpenERP to Java, for instance the Kettle Pentaho ETL, using OOOR, a Rails-like WS-based ActiveResource wrapper over OpenERP.

Fortaleza, CE


Vancouver, BC


Costa Rica

  • Mario Octavio- Uses JRuby at work for custom developments and enhancements.

Czech Republic






  • Heiko Seebach I use JRuby with Rails and warbler since mid-2009 in an enterprise application that runs standalone in the data centers of several hospitals (to achieve acceptance of the system at the IT departement), I'm one of several coaches in a development team that uses JRuby to build an ERP in a big enterprise that will replace old COBOL stuff (for seamless Java integration) and I use it for my new startup (also for seamless Java integration).



  • Anil Wadghule - use JRuby at work for several projects for more than an year. Have contributed to JRuby by couple of trivial patches. Recommends using JRuby for production deployments. Find me on Twitter, and GitHub

  • Rocky Jaiswal - used JRuby in enterprise projects. Big fan of JRuby! Twitter




  • Ricardo Echavarria @r_icarus - uses JRuby at work in the University of Chihuahua UACH and Fan of the project.



  • Uwe Kubosch - has implemented several large projects in JRuby (standlone apps, Rails, Eclipse RCP, Android), contributes some patches to JRuby and ARJDBC, committer in the Ruboto project.


Wrocław, dolnośląskie

  • Paweł Wielgus - i'm using JRuby as a dynamic part of all my java apps, that includes dynamic access console, dynamic configurations and all kinds of on-demand reports. Also JRuby is my runtime for Rails app.





  • Hassane Moustapha- Using Jruby on several projects and giving some talks to some Java programers who want to migrate to Ruby.



Helsingborg, Skåne

  • Craig Taverner - working with JRuby in Eclipse RCP, for DSL's, GIS scripting, Neo4j and spreadsheet formula parsing


  • Theo Hultberg @iconara - uses JRuby for analytics and big data processing.



  • Luca Simone aka Lukefx - JRuby contributors, Several Rails projects with JRuby and JBoss or TorqueBox.

United Kingdom


  • Tom Morris - use JRuby for hacking, glue scripts and other instances of making cool things.
  • Dan Lucraft - contributed the built-in JRuby graph profiler, wrote a JRuby IDE (Redcar). Have given talks on JRuby to the London Ruby User Group and to BBC developers.
  • David Glassborow - Do various internal systems on JRuby, usually hosted in torquebox, looking to do some product development as well.

United States




San Francisco Bay Area

  • Arun Gupta - GlassFish Evangelist and can talk about JRuby, Rails, GlassFish, NetBeans blog.

  • L. David Varvel - JRuby on Rails, Java library integration, practiced public speaker. Interested in bridging the gap between the Java and JRuby communities.

  • Nick Zalabak - Uses JRuby day to day and has been using JRuby to simplify existing Java applications for many years, very familiar with the Java interop features, as well as performance tuning JRuby/Java applications. I'm always willing to lend a helping hand or lead a discussion. Check my blog or hit me up on Twitter.

  • Jason Goecke @jsgoecke - Uses embedded JRuby at Tropo for real-time cloud communications and telephony applications. Regular speaker on the Ruby and the open-source telephony scenes.

  • Erik Michaels-Ober @sferik - Author of a number of gems that support JRuby. I also help maintain support for Travis CI, which involves debugging JRuby issues for a wide variety of libraries and applications. Occasional speaker on Ruby and open-source software at conferences and meetups.


Boulder/Denver Area


Jacksonville, Sarasota, Naples

  • Eric Fleming - Actively using JRuby on Rails at work. Worked on hybrid Java/JRuby on Rails sites. Deploying JRuby packaged as war files to Amazon EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk. Used JRuby to extend core Java classes in order to make them more Ruby friendly when used in Rails apps.



  • Jeremy Corbett jeremy.lael at gmail. Use JRuby at work to use Java libraries at work. I especially enjoy taking Swing apps and making them much more usable Sinatra apps.



  • Micah Martin - 8th Light, Inc. - Deployed JRuby in a variety of systems.
  • Josh Graham - Using JRuby since 2007 in enterprise projects, "wrote the paper" on introducing JRuby into the enterprise for ThoughtWorks.



  • Todd Willey - Rails deployments on Glassfish, integration with java libraries, active in KYRUG.


Kansas City

  • R.J. Lorimer - Wrote a series of articles on the JRuby internals called Distilling JRuby. Some bug and performance fixes committed to JRuby, and occasionally evangelize at various midwest conferences. Blog


Boston Area and Southern NH

  • Jay McGaffigan - Actively using JRuby and JRuby on Rails at work, specifically spent time deploying apps to Glassfish and tomcat, performance testing, creating windows services with JRuby. Spend time working on RCov and getting it to work with Jruby


Ann Arbor and Detroit Area

  • Amitava Shee twtr: @AmitavaShee - Information Architect at Office of Enabling Technology, Medical School, University of Michigan. Actively using rails and plan to build more applications. Traditionally a J2EE shop, JRuby gives us the perfect tool to deliver agility without retooling our operational platform.

Saginaw, Mid-Michigan Area

  • Shane Emmons - Using JRuby for a multitude of Production apps at Frankenmuth Insurance. Used for almost everything. Webapps, warehouse ETL processing, massive financial calculations, interop with SAP Business Objects, the list goes on.


Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St Paul)

Kinetic Data developed Kinetic Task, a workflow engine leveraging the JRuby platform, and is continuing to expand usage of JRuby in other areas and products.

Three members of the JRuby core team are based in this area and attend the local Ruby user group.


St. Louis

New York

Queens, NYC



  • Chris Nelson, Gaslight Software - I've used JRuby on a number of projects, and have contributed code to the JRuby project. I've presented on JRuby at java user's groups and several conferences. I'm very interested in getting the word out about JRuby being awesome and ready to use now. I'd be more that happy to speak with anyone considering JRuby and help get them going in the right direction


  • Joe O'Brien, CEO of EdgeCase We have used JRuby for several successful projects. Whether it's in order to take advantage of a Java library, harness JRuby deployment capabilities, or allow an organization to move forward in productivity while tying it into existing systems. I've spoken on many JRuby and Ruby topics. We help organize the national JRubyConf and offer training nationally.




Tidewater Area

  • Rob Heittman - Java heretic and RESTafarian who believes JRuby is the best Ruby. Using JRuby on large projects, especially biodiversity and conservation. (Oct 09) adapting JRuby-Rack to the Restlet framework and writing plugins for JRuby support in various OSGi environments. Interests: leveraging Java concurrency, crusading to replace C-based gems, and someday, achieving refactoring tool parity with Java.



  • Matt Kirk - Using JRuby with statistics and natural language processing. github.

  • Jeff Lembeck - using JRuby daily with Sinatra to leverage legacy Java services while making mobile web apps.

  • Chris Ochs - Using jruby with rails/sinatra to run large scale social games.