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JRuby on Rails

You can use JRuby with Ruby on Rails. JRuby gives Rails the power and functionality of the Java Platform, providing it with:
  • Excellent garbage collection for endless uptimes
  • Hotspot profiled dynamic optimizations for great performance
  • Access to the Java ecosphere for additional technology options
  • Deployment to Java application servers for ubiquity

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Get started with these tutorials:


This page is outdated, more up-to-date info on our Servers page

War File Deployment

If you don't use a traditional Ruby application server like Mongrel, you can use a Java application server. To deploy to a Java app server, you can use the tool Warbler to bundle your Rails application in a Java Web Application Archive (.war file). (Warbler is a minimal, flexible, Ruby-like way to create a .war file.) Once you have a .war file, you can deploy to any Java app server using its war deployment mechanism.

Some links to information on various Java appllication servers:

Glassfish v3 Deployment

The Glassfish gem by Vivek Pandey enables you to easily deploy a JRuby on Rails application to the Glassfish v3 modularized Java application server. The Glassfish gem wraps the essential technologies in 3 MB and allows you to run your application using a traditional approach, as if you were running Mongrel, Rack, and so on.

Traditional Rails Deployment

Miscellaneous Rails Topics

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