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JRuby Nailgun Support

JRuby 1.3.0 and later support execution with Nailgun. Nailgun allows you to start up a single JVM as a background server process and toss it commands from a fast native client almost eliminating JRuby's annoyingly slow start up time. To use Nailgun with JRuby:

  1. Download JRuby.
  2. Expand the JRuby archive (source or binary) and change to the distribution directory.
  3. If you are running on UNIX-like OS, build the nailgun server with either:
    1. ant build-ng
    2. cd tool/nailgun; configure; make
    3. cd tool/nailgun; make (JRuby 1.3.x only)
  4. Start the JRuby nailgun server in the background: jruby --ng-server &
  5. You can now run JRuby commands through that server using the jruby --ng command instead of jruby
For more information, read

Note on development with Nailgun

If you rebuild JRuby, be sure to restart the nailgun server; or else the client will get incorrect results.

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