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Thomas E Enebo edited this page Dec 20, 2019 · 2 revisions

This page documents efforts to make discourse fully run on JRuby. The current development branch is: on branch jruby_v2.2.3_spike.

Following basic installation instructions on discourse should nearly work. Here are a couple of things to note:

  1. mkdir tmp (probably fallout from db:create not working properly)
  2. PASSWORD={my_passord} jruby -S rake db:migrate (skip db:create some issue is making it not work)

I believe there is a manual step of creating the database but I have not run this in a while so I will update this documentation the next time I go through this from scratch process.

To date there are 2 gems which we are working on:

  1. (nearly done)

Mini_sql is released but only will work with postgresql. Making it work with mysql/sqlite3 is future work...

Once that is released I will remove the above git: reference from the Gemfile.

Current status is that it will install and you will be able to log in and see pages but no content is rendering due to a bug in JS (likely something about the port of mini_racer). Second major issue is mini_racer is built on using isolates between different threads but it currently is one global executor with no locking.

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