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It has been tested with Jruby 1.1, rails 2.0.2 and activerecord-jdbc-adapter.

I supose you have jruby installed, then install rails and activerecord-jdbc-adapter

  # gem install rails activerecord-jdbc-adapter

Then copy Firebird-jdbc-adapter.jar into $JRUBY_HOME/lib

Configure your rails application database.yaml like that:

  adapter: jdbc
  username: sysdba
  password: masterkey
  driver: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
  url: jdbc:firebirdsql:localhost/3050:database.fdb

NOTE: database.fdb is an alias. In order to setup an alias you have to config aliases.conf located on your firebird configuration folder and do something like that:

# /etc/firebird2/aliases.conf

database.fdb = /databases/myblog/myblog.fdb

That’s all you need to work with firebird and rails.