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Clone and Build JRuby on any Java 7+ JDK following the BUILDING guide.

Running the base test suite happens via bin/jruby -S rake test.... Longer suites are available via rake targets.

  • JIT-forced and AOT-forced JRuby suites: rake test:jruby:jit or rake test:jruby:aot
  • JIT-forced and AOT-forced MRI 1.9 suites: rake test:mri:jit or rake test:mri:aot

Fully using invokedynamic is be off by default but can be toggled using a command line switch e.g.

$ JRUBY_OPTS="-Xcompile.invokedynamic=true -J-Xmx1024M" bin/jruby -S rake test:mri:aot

Benchmarks are available in the rubybench project, and can be used to test performance and JIT.

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