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Troubleshooting Memory Use - for when your application seems to use too much memory on JRuby.

Improving Startup Time - tips and tricks for improving startup time.

Troubleshooting Performance - for investigating bottlenecks in your application (or in JRuby itself).

Running JRuby embedded on Solaris

There is a report that GC may not work correctly. Set -Djruby.native.enabled=false to avoid this problem.

Using C extension support with Warbler/wars/Tomcat

At the time of this writing we don't ship in the jruby-jars gem. (That might be grounds for filing a bug/improvement ticket; please update this page if you decide to file one.)

To work around that fact, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Locate and out of the JRuby binary distribution's lib/native/[platform] directory. Be sure to choose the right directory for your platform.
  2. Copy them somewhere on the system (e.g., /opt/jruby/lib), and either modify the places where looks for libraries to add that path or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or equivalent) to use that path before launching the JVM process that uses JRuby (Tomcat/application server etc.).