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Perfer - A benchmark tool for all rubies!

  perfer <command> [options] arguments

  run files+    - run with current ruby
  report files+ - show the results
  config reset  - reset the configuration file to the defaults (or create it)
  help          - show this help
    path files+      - show the paths to the result files
    rm,delete files+ - remove the result files
    rewrite files+   - rewrite the result files in the latest format

<files+> are a set of benchmark files

Common options:
    -t TIME                          Minimal time to run (greater usually improve accuracy)
    -m N                             Numbers of measurements per job
    -v                               Verbose
    -h, --help                       Show this help

See The GSoC project for more details.

And the Wiki.

Current status

This is a work in progress, 0.1.1 is a preview release.

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