public/assets doesn't get moved to war root after assets:precompile:primary #114

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edrex-janrain commented Sep 25, 2012 edited by kares

We have a Rake task that runs assets:precompile before the war task, which results in the precompiled assets being copied to the root of the war file.

To speed up our build, as well as to work around some issues with assets:precompile swallowing error messages, we switched it out for assets:precompile:primary, which only builds the digest versions of the assets.

After the change, assets no longer get copied to the root, but are in web-app/public/assets. Is this a bug in Warbler or a misconfiguration on our part? Ideas for troubleshooting/workarounds?

Seems related to #50, but that was kind of the reverse problem (Rails was looking in the wrong place)

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guilleiguaran commented Sep 25, 2012

I will assign this to myself to remember that I have to research this in some hours


guilleiguaran commented Nov 17, 2012

@edrex-janrain can you provide a minimal app to reproduce this issue? (with the rake task that you are using to run precompile before of war)

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