`warble` executable doesn't do anything #26

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Hi there... I have a Rails 3 app (so, I'm using Bundler) under JRuby 1.6.1. I've installed warbler, but for some reason when I run warble under the project root, I can see that Rails loads (I think because warbler kicks off the Rakefile indirectly), but then nothing happens. Do you know why this might be the case?

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Hello @mcmire.

Could you please send us more information about this issue, like warbler version, gemfile, etc.

Nothing happens? No outputs? 'your-project.war' isn't generated?

JRuby Team member

Hi @mcmire,

We need to maintain the issue tracking focused. So, this issue will be closed due the lack of information necessary to track the problem.

If it happens again, feel free to ask us to reopen the issue.

@csgui csgui closed this Sep 21, 2011

That is fine with me. I'm sorry I haven't responded to this. It's been a while since I've worked with warbler. I'll revisit this if I come across it again.

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