Jars contained in native gems are empty #96

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Using warbler 1.3.5 and the json 1.6.6 gem, the parser.jar file in the gems.jar has none of the compiled class files packaged in it.


I see what the problem is now. We have slightly unconventional use of warbler. We both use it for a war and also to grab the gems jar for use as a standalone jar in a command line driven ruby app.

The commit which removes the jars from all files in the war file paths and puts them in the top level lib folder, meant out gems.jar used in out standalone app broke. Not sure of the rational for this commit. I guess performance.

I wonder if you are open to a patch which adds a config option to not do this, for sake of other uses of the gems.jar?


@adzap, are you referring to this patch? I've left a comment there illustrating a problem with warbler's moving jar files into the toplevel "lib" folder.

Specifically, the 'rack-slf4j' gem includes jars that cannot all be on the classpath, and are not until warbler does its meddling, breaking rack-slf4j.

I would also like the rationale behind warbler's behavior.


@pmahoney yes, that's the one. This issue sheds some light #92.

We had to hack our own version of warbler, but we are using it in a non-standard way. I was toying with the idea of extracting the gems jar roll up functionality into a separate gem.

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this has been configurable for a while and .jar files are no copied by default these days since 296d389

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