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I was working on it almost a year ago and got it to a place where rake seems to work :

kares@theborg:~/workspace/github/jruby-rack/examples/rails32$ java -jar rails32.war -S rake -T
rake about              # List versions of all Rails frameworks and the env...
rake assets:clean       # Remove compiled assets
rake assets:precompile  # Compile all the assets named in config.assets.pre...
rake db:create          # Create the database from DATABASE_URL or config/d...
rake db:drop            # Drops the database using DATABASE_URL or the curr...
rake db:fixtures:load   # Load fixtures into the current environment's data...
rake db:migrate         # Migrate the database (options: VERSION=x, VERBOSE...
rake db:migrate:status  # Display status of migrations
rake db:rollback        # Rolls the schema back to the previous version (sp...
rake db:schema:dump     # Create a db/schema.rb file that can be portably u...
rake db:schema:load     # Load a schema.rb file into the database
rake db:seed            # Load the seed data from db/seeds.rb
rake db:setup           # Create the database, load the schema, and initial...
rake db:structure:dump  # Dump the database structure to db/structure.sql. ...
rake db:version         # Retrieves the current schema version number
rake doc:app            # Generate docs for the app -- also available doc:r...
rake log:clear          # Truncates all *.log files in log/ to zero bytes
rake middleware         # Prints out your Rack middleware stack
rake notes              # Enumerate all annotations (use notes:optimize, :f...
rake notes:custom       # Enumerate a custom annotation, specify with ANNOT...
rake rails:template     # Applies the template supplied by LOCATION=(/path/...
rake rails:update       # Update configs and some other initially generated...
rake routes             # Print out all defined routes in match order, with...
rake secret             # Generate a cryptographically secure secret key (t...
rake stats              # Report code statistics (KLOCs, etc) from the appl...
rake test               # Runs test:units, test:functionals, test:integrati...
rake test:recent        # Run tests for {:recent=>"test:prepare"} / Test re...
rake test:single        # Run tests for {:single=>"test:prepare"}
rake test:uncommitted   # Run tests for {:uncommitted=>"test:prepare"} / Te...
rake time:zones:all     # Displays all time zones, also available: time:zon...
rake tmp:clear          # Clear session, cache, and socket files from tmp/ ...
rake tmp:create         # Creates tmp directories for sessions, cache, sock...
kares@theborg:~/workspace/github/jruby-rack/examples/rails32$ java -jar rails32.war -S rake db:migrate
==  DeviseCreateUsers: migrating ==============================================
-- create_table(:users)
   -> 0.0200s
   -> 0 rows
-- add_index(:users, :email, {:unique=>true})
   -> 0.0050s
   -> 0 rows
-- add_index(:users, :reset_password_token, {:unique=>true})
   -> 0.0050s
   -> 0 rows
==  DeviseCreateUsers: migrated (0.0360s) =====================================

there seems to be more work required for rails c to work :

kares@theborg:~/workspace/github/jruby-rack/examples/rails32$ java -jar rails32.war -S rails console
  rails new APP_PATH [options]

  -r, [--ruby=PATH]              # Path to the Ruby binary of your choice
                                 # Default: file:/tmp/jruby7112847635427892118extract/lib/jruby-stdlib-1.7.1.jar!/META-INF/jruby.home/bin/jruby

I promised this on #128 thus here it is, hopefully others will find this useful even as is ...

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wow, this looks really great 👍

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probably having warble runnable war and warble executable war is a bit confusing ...
runnable is a .war that might -S rake db:migrate while executable is runnable + the embed web server currently
... better names would be to use executable for what is now "runnable" and add a separate webserver feature


Simplecov is an 1.9 replacement for rcov.

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Hey Peter, thanks I was not really worrying about coverage just to get things bundle-able ...
However, you do seem to have some useful commits in your fork.
Are you planning on opening a PR on upstream to (hopefully - one day) get them on naster ?

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yeah, seems dead - but quite a few jruby projects would/might seems so ...
I would most certainly still open a PR - just in-case it breaths again, btw. which one is the most active, is it doing releases also ?

um. I meant your fork

@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan was assigned Jan 29, 2013

Thanks Asarih for looking into it :)

@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan added a commit to BanzaiMan/warbler that referenced this pull request Jan 30, 2013
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Based on #130, clean up Gemfile b24c924
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 31, 2013
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Merge remote-tracking branch 'kares/runnable' into gh-130
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Those of you who are interested in this PR, please test ff10266 (you can check out the gh-130 branch on this repo) as a proof of concept. I will look into the PR in more detail in coming days, but I'd want some early feedback as the patch stands right now.

Thank you.

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I'm closing this one, since I opened #136. Please comment on that issue going forward.

@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan closed this Jan 31, 2013

@kares I really appreciate the work on this. I had some ruby scripts to do this work and they were working ok, but did not work with the bundled git gems.

I am having a problem because I don't think the runnable is respecting:


Can this be added please, I don't think it can be passed on the command line.

I am just going to make a new issue for this.

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