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-Source code for "Mnemonics: Type-safe Bytecode Generation at Run Time"
- - bytecode: code of the Mnemoncis library
- - objectformatter: code of the formatting library including a compiler using Mnemonics to
- compile format expressions to JVM bytecodes.
- - ExampleProject: an example project for playing around with the library.
-How to build
-To build you need to install the sbt launcher. See
-for instructions. In each of the directories you can call `sbt update && sbt package` to build the module.
-How to use the example project
-The directory 'ExampleProject' contains an example project to experiment with Mnemonics. It contains
-project files for Eclipse. For editing in Eclipse it is recommended to install the current version of
-the Scala Eclipse IDE from .
-Otherwise, you can use sbt to build and run the example.
-Current source files, updates and more information will be published at

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