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Exchange Web Services API. It doesn't use soap4r.
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Exchange Web Services API.


Set the endpoint

EWS::Service.endpoint :uri => '',
                      :version => 1

Set the credentials if the service requires autentication. NTLM is known to work.

EWS::Service.set_auth 'testuser', 'xxxxxx'


Typically it isn't a good idea for tests to depend on external resources. This project is in its early days and I am new to EWS. So as to make it easier to implement the service the tests depend on connecting to EWS.

If spec/test-config exists it will be loaded and the +EWS::Service+ will be configured.

The config file is ignored via .gitignore.

Example spec/test-config.yml

# Example spec/test-config.yml
  :uri: 'https://localhost/ews/exchange.asmx'
  :version: 1
username: testuser
password: xxxxxx


Copyright © 2009 Jeremy Burks. See LICENSE for details.

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