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I figured out GitHub's styles mostly by brute force, looking at source listings and eyeballing the class= attributes. Here are the notes I took along the way for each class. It's by no means complete and only represents what I observed in the few files I checked.

  • bp: Special variable e.g. __FILE__ or None

  • Comments

    • c: HTML, CSS comment
    • c1: Single-line comment (# ... or // ...)
    • cm: Multi-line comment (/* ... */)
    • cp: Declaration e.g. #include ... or <!DOCTYPE ...>
  • Diffs

    • gd: Diff deletion
    • gd.x: Diff inline deletion
    • gi: Diff insertion
    • gi.x: Diff inline insertion
  • Keywords

    • k: Keyword e.g. this, else, do, or CSS's margin, bold
    • kd: Variable, function declaration
    • kt: Type e.g. int, void
  • Literals

    • m: Literal value e.g. 800px in CSS
    • mi: Integer value e.g. 55, 8L
    • mf: Float value e.g. 1.5
  • Identifiers/variable names

    • n: Generic
    • na: HTML attribute name e.g. href=
    • nb: Declarations and special words, e.g. document in JavaScript, require in Ruby, NULL in C
    • nc: CSS class rule, Ruby class declaration
    • nf: CSS id rule, C function declaration
    • no: Ruby constant
    • nn: Python module name e.g. "utils" in import utils
    • nt: HTML tag, Haml tag, CSS tag rule
    • nv: Bash variable name
    • nx: JavaScript variable name or function call
  • o: Operators and symbols, e.g. :, =, +, =>, ::

  • p: Brackets and grouping symbols, e.g. {}, [], (), , in JavaScript, / in Haml (e.g. %br/)

  • px: Property in JavaScript, e.g. "log" in console.log

  • Strings

    • s: Quoted HTML attribute value
    • s1: Single-quoted string
    • s2: Double-quoted string
    • ss: Ruby symbol (:through)
    • se: \ in Bash (line continuation)
    • si: String interpolation
    • sr: Regular expression
  • Variables

    • vc: Class variable
    • vg: Global variable
    • vi: Instance variable
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